Sunday, February 24, 2008


(A) The great risk taker:

Mullin knows he needs to keep salary as low as possible for next year's big signiings so he doesn't pick up POB's option. We all saw and heard how suprisingly well his training camp had been going (Nelly was the main guy singing his praise) and inexplicably, his option does not get picked up. He would be due $2.4 mil, $3.0 mil, and $4.1 mil in successive years had they done so. If you keep his value down you could sign him for a longer, cheaper deal (similar to Amir Johnson or Andray Blatche). When he showed signs of being ready to contribute too soon in the Clippers game, Mullin went out to get Mbenga so that O'Bryant's stock wouldn't go up. The better he plays, the more the Warriors pay. Mbenga turned out to be Mgarbage, so they signed Webber to be the buffer between the court and POB.

Mullin drafted the right guy, knew that he was a project, and is now going to try to lock him up for a long deal at a cheaper rate. No team is going to pay more than $2 million for a guy who's stats are as unimpressive as POB's. IF a crazy team does, Mullin has assured POB before hand that he would get the best deal from the Warriors and that if he could bare with this season and wait his turn, he will be rewarded handsomely. Mullin is banking on POB's humble and low key personality that he would go along with the master plan even though he could make more money if he were allowed to play minutes he deserves.

(B) The weak-minded fool:

Nelly truly hates POB for some reason and convinces Mullin not to pick up his option and thus bring his trade value to zero. Mullin throws out all the reasons why he drafted him in the first place and obliges to Nellie's wishes. Forget that he was only 21 and as raw as advertised. Forget that he has one of the longest wingspans in the NBA. Forget that he showed he could play in training camp and in pre-season. Ignore that he is one of the top producers per minute on the team and that he blocks 4.3 shots per 48 minutes. The Warriors have an agile 7 footer and they are willing to let him get away before giving him a chance to develop as previously planned.

Mullin let Nellie talk him into throwing away his #1 pick because Nellie is actually the one pulling the strings when it comes to personell decisions.


Mullin has shown that he has learned plenty about fiscal responsibility, so I have a feeling (A) is the reason for the way POB is being treated.