Saturday, November 15, 2008


Austin Daye - GON 83 MSB 52
25 min, 5-12 fg, 5-5 ft, 3 oreb, 12 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 4 blk, 4 to, 4 pf, 15 pts

Tyreke Evans - MEM 90 FU 63
24 min, 7-12 fg, 5-7 ft, 1 oreb, 5 reb, 3 ast, 2 stl, 0 blk, 3 to, 1 pf, 19 pts

Tyler Smith - TENN 114 UTC 75
27 min, 8-13 fg, 3-5 ft, 1 oreb, 4 reb, 5 ast, 3 stl, 0 blk, 2 to, 2 pf, 21 pts

DeMar DeRozan - USC 78 UCI 55
28 min, 6-11 fg, 2-2 ft, 1 oreb, 3 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl, 0 blk, 2 to, 2 pf, 14 pts


'Fa Show' lights up Staples with an awesome display of pure shooting

MVW: Anthony Morrow

The Good
Anthony Morrow: 42 min, 15-20 fg, 4-5 3pt, 3-3 ft, 11 reb, 37 pts
Stephen Jackson: 42 min, 7-19 fg, 5-6 ft, 4 reb, 10 ast, 2 stl, 20 pts
Andris Biedrins: 36 min, 8-15 fg, 16 reb, 4 ast, 17 pts
Corey Maggette: 26 min, 7-15 fg, 5 reb, 3 ast, 17 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 38 min, 6-12 fg, 2-2 3pt, 2 stl, 15 pts
C.J. Watson: 28 min, 3-4 fg, 3 reb, 8 ast, 1 stl, 10 pts
Ronny Turiaf: 12 min, 5 reb, 1 blk

The Bad
Anthony Randolph: 9 min, 2-7 fg

The Ugly
Marco Belinelli: 6 min, 0-0, 2 pf, -6 +/-

Best and Worst +/-
Anthony Morrow: +24
C.J. Watson: +22
Marco Belinelli: -6

Team Statistics
Warriors : Clippers
pts - 121 : 103
fg - 48-94 (.511) : 36-91 (.396)
ft - 18-24 (.750) : 25-28 (.893)
3p - 7-19 (.368) : 6-26 (.231)
reb - 48 : 40
oreb - 14 : 14
ast - 29 : 20
to - 11 : 12
stl - 5 : 8
bs - 1 : 4
fast break pts - 6 : 7
pts in paint - 62 : 46

Box Score
Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

Jackson had 10 assists to go along with 20 pts

  1. starting lineup: Jackson/Azubuike/Morrow/Maggette/Biedrins
  2. Morrow misses first shot (3 pt from left wing)
  3. pick and roll effective again
  4. Kelenna hits his first 3 pt attempt
  5. Baron heating up from outside
  6. Jackson with 4 assists early
  7. 3 fouls for Mags in 1st Q
  8. Biedrins shows great hands, quick reactions
  9. Randolph 1st off bench, hits first shot (contested 18 footer)
  10. 36 in 1st Q, 7 from Morrow; even scoring - 8 from Jackson, Biedrins, Maggette
  11. Belinelli on the hot Mobley
  12. Randolph hits jumper then Maggette comes in for him???
  13. Belinelli rumored to be in trade to Nets; extended min. to showcase? No one passing him the ball
  14. Eric Gordon making his presence felt - steal, rebound, scoring, free-throws
  15. MORROW!!!! swishing the 3; scoring machine; how did he only average 14 pts at Georgia Tech? 18 pts, 7-9 shooting at the half
  16. Wright no time in 1st half
  17. Randolph not playing smart; taking long jumper instead of driving or finding Morrow, drawing a charge with 19 sec. left in the half
  18. Camby and Kamen start 2nd half
  19. 3rd Q Warriors worst this season
  20. Randolph settling for jumpers again; does he make them consistently in practice? green light?
  21. Warriors lose lead midway through 3rd; end up -1 on the quarter which is big improvement over past games
  22. Morrow, Jackson, and Maggette regain lead
  23. Morrow w/ 28 pts, 11-14 fg (early 4th); teammates looking for him for a change
  24. imagine this team with a true PG that could get the ball to anyone
  26. Baron falling apart, losing composure, taking bad shots
  27. playing youngsters has an energizing effect on the whole team; nice to see plenty of minutes going to the youngsters
  28. Morrow chants at Staples; finishes with 37 pts
  29. Morrow played like he was a summer league version of Belinelli; one drive I could have sworn it was Jackson - he could learn a lot from Jackson in terms of driving the ball, protecting the ball with his length and dribble
  30. another gem uncovered by Mullin; undrafted, to just making roster, to starting, to staring
  31. Wright didn't play, but I'm sure he'll get his turn next game; it might be a good idea if youngsters take turns logging big minutes in one game instead of 5 surprise minutes here and there - tell them it's your night and let them play through the mistakes and learn in the process
  32. the chance to see performances like Morrow's are what keep the fans coming and keep them excited; play the youngsters - they give us hope for the future (and they just may win us a few games along the way)

Biedrins nets his 17th consecutive double-double


Don Nelson
On Anthony Morrow's Performance:
“I’ve been in the league for 30 years and I have never seen a performance like that. After only two months of training camp, he just had the game of a lifetime and I am very happy for him.”

Anthony Morrow
On His 37-Point Performance:
“I have just been going into practice soaking everything in like a sponge, and tonight was just one of those games where I caught the vibe. I am trying to do the best I can for the other guys and help the team win, we needed this win really bad.”

Corey Maggette
On Going From The Clippers To The Warriors:
“It’s going really great, I am having an opportunity to play with a great group of guys and I am loving the Bay Area.”

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Tues. Nov 18, 2008 vs. LA Clippers, 7:30 pm
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Friday, November 14, 2008


Hasheem Thabeet - CONN 81 WCU 55
33 min, 7-11 fg, 9-13 ft, 1 off, 17 reb, 0 ast, 1 stl, 5 blk, 2 to, 1 pf, 23 pts

Nick Calathes - FLA 80 TOL 58
30 min, 4-7 fg, 6-9 ft, 1 off, 4 reb, 7 ast, 3 stl, 0 blk, 5 to, 3 pf, 16 pts

James Harden - ASU 80 MVSU 64
30 min, 7-12 fg, 10-14 ft, 1 off, 2 reb, 10 ast, 0 stl, 0 blk, 0 to, 2 pf, 24 pts

Blake Griffin - OKLA 83 AMER 54
33 min, 9-11 fg, 5-14 ft, 2 off, 18 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, 0 to, 1 pf, 24 pts

Stephen Curry - DAV 107 GUI 83
29 min, 9-20 fg, 8-10 ft, 2 off, 3 reb, 10 ast, 9 stl, 1 blk, 1 to, 3 pf, 29 pts

Damion James - TEX 68 STET 38
32 min, 6-13 fg, 1-2 ft, 1 off, 7 reb, 2 ast, 0 stl, 1 blk, 3 to, 2 pf, 13 pts

Al-Farouq Aminu - WFU 94 NCCU 48
28 min, 9-12 fg, 3-5 ft, 4 off, 10 reb, 0 ast, 1 stl, 3 blk, 1 to, 3 pf, 21 pts

Patrick Patterson - UK 103 VMI 111
27 min, 3-4 fg, 2-3 ft, 2 off, 7 reb, 3 ast, 0 stl, 3 blk, 1 to, 3 pf, 8 pts

Gani Lawal - GT 92 WS 47
23 min, 7-9 fg, 4-7 ft, 3 off, 12 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, 0 to, 3 pf, 18 pts


Those who are satisfied with Nelson's rotation pattern last night have no clue of how to build a better team for the future or about winning in the long run. The Warriors are only grasping desperately for the NOW, but even last night's approach isn't going to give them a significantly better chance at winning. Predictably, the team got tired, defensive effort declined, ball movement halted, unforced errors piled up, and lazy jumpers ensued. Nelson's unwillingness to try to stop the 3rd quarter bleeding by playing his 'inexperienced' but effective young talent cost him the game.

Did this philosophy work last year?
Did our young guys develop satisfactorily last year?
Do we even have the personnel to make the philosophy work this year?

Playing Jackson 45 min, Azubuike 40+, and Watson + Maggette so many minutes is not going to get you past the 1st round of the playoffs. Nelson is trying to use last year's philosophy of running the vets into the ground at the expense of energy, defense, and talent from the youngsters. That approach does not win games in the end or get them into the playoffs. You have a better chance of doing so by playing Belinelli, Wright, and Randolph, developing them along the way, allowing your vets to play fresher in order to close out games, and giving your fan base something to look forward to when they go to the games. Fans want excitement, a glimpse into the future, and a commitment to development. They don't want to see older guys that aren't vital building blocks to the franchise stealing all the minutes from the future. If the Warriors want to sell more tickets, they'll put out a rotation that gives consistent minutes to Belinelli, Wright, Randolph, and Morrow. If Nelson continues down this path, he may lose more than fan interest, he may start losing players as well.

Nelson's latest substitution patterns are very discouraging. I thought he had finally changed his anti-youth tendencies while Maggette was out, but I was wrong. Let's see if he continues to prove me wrong in the coming weeks.


Biedrins gets his 16th straight double-double and 5th MVW

MVW: Andris Biedrins

The Good
Andris Biedrins: 36 min, 7-14 fg, 7 off, 19 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, 17 pts
C.J. Watson: 35 min, 7-15 fg, 6 reb, 1 stl, 17 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 44 min, 5 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 15 pts
Stephen Jackson: 46 min, 5 reb, 9 ast, 15 pts
Corey Maggette: 28 min, 9-12 ft, 4 ast, 4 reb, 13 pts
Brandan Wright: 17 min, 6 reb, 2 blk, 9 pts

The Bad
C.J. Watson: 35 min, 4 to
Corey Maggette: 28 min, -15 +/-

The Ugly
Stephen Jackson: 46 min, 5-19 fg

Best and Worst +/-
C.J. Watson: +7
Corey Maggette: -15

Team Statistics
Warriors : Pistons
pts - 102 : 107
fg - 37-90 (.411) : 39-86 (.453)
ft - 27-37 (.730) : 23-31 (.742)
3p - 1-9 (.111) : 6-13 (.742)
reb - 51 : 49
oreb - 18 : 13
ast - 20 : 23
to - 15 : 17
stl - 6 : 9
bs - 4 : 5
fast break pts - 24 : 19
pts in paint - 48 : 50

Box Score
Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

Azubuike was good in the paint, awful from long range

  1. starting lineup: Watson/Azubuike/Jackson/Maggette/Biedrins
  2. back to small ball
  3. Biedrins and Jackson continue to show great chemistry; pick 'n roll
  4. Watson and Maggette have their hands full (Iverson and Wallace)
  5. Watson shows why he's not a starting quality PG; turnovers, bad passes, lack of flow
  6. 5-27 3pt on the season for Azubuike; still hasn't found his stroke; last 2 years shot 43% and 36%
  7. Marcus Williams first Warrior off the bench; needs to pump up that trade value; not looking good early - turnover on drive down the middle, missed floater off the front rim; don't expect us to see Williams in a game for a while after this sad 4 min. of action - he did not step-up like he is capable of doing
  8. keep it in the paint Buke! big dunk on Maxiell
  9. Brandan Wright 2nd off bench
  10. Biedrins with 8 rebounds in 1st quarter; gets double-double before 2 min. mark of 2nd Quarter
  11. Wright has nice hands; grabs Azubuike's lazer pass from close and high over his head; quick reactions; very active; Nellie limiting his court time for whatever reason
  12. Morrow in at start of 2nd quarter; rebound and scores in paint
  13. Turiaf in for Biedrins at 9:30 mark of 2nd quarter; all-ball on Bynum dunk attempt, but called for foul; ref says he got arm, but not true
  14. good use of bench, initially
  15. Wright looking aggressive on both ends
  16. Jackson passing well to everyone
  17. Watson doing decent vs. Iverson; playing passing lane; missed wide open 10 footer but he's playing decent overall
  18. no Belinelli in 1st half
  19. DeMarcus Nelson takes on Iverson
  20. Detroit go on big run middle of the 3rd to take the lead (16 pt swing); Maggette is a defensive liability right now
  21. Warriors can't buy a bucket late in the 3rd; end quarter with long 3 attempt by Azubuike...miss; he should consider not shooting from beyond the arc until he gets his stroke back in practice - no more green light for Buke
  22. no ball movement, lots of 1-on-1, no PG
  23. no Randolph to help defend on drives; would like to have seen Randolph on Wallace on the perimeter, allowing Biedrins and Wright to defend the paint
  24. Rasheed playing at 5 opening up lanes for other Pistons; Nelson has no answer
  25. lots of offensive boards; Beidrins is among the quickest bigs in the league
  26. Morrow looks like he belongs, not intimidated
  27. Azubuike is great at blocking dunk attempts; starting to feel it offensively
  28. C.J. making stupid mistakes = momentum shifters; take him out and put in Randolph to counter Wallaces perimeter shooting or Belinelli for more offense (Morrow and Beli at the corners = nightmare for defenses)
  29. Morrow snapping the nets, beautiful stroke
  30. C.J. making it closer than it really was with late scores and And-1's
  31. Maggette at PF over Wright is a disaster and something fans do not want to see; Maggette should not be taking minutes from Wright or Randolph, but should be relieving Jackson and Azubuike
  32. Starting 5 should be: Jackson/Azubuike/Maggette/Wright/Biedrins
  33. disappointing distribution of minutes: Maggette too many for player coming back from hamstring injury; Jackson too many as usual; Watson too many even after all the mistakes he made that would get any other young player nailed to the bench for the next couple of games; DNP-CD for Belinelli and Randolph - unacceptable for a fan; Azubuike getting too many minutes - should be shared with Belinelli/Morrow/Randolph
  34. not a fun game to watch, not because it was a loss, but because we did not see much of our future: Belinelli, Randloph, and Wright; I understand they are trying to win games, but learn from last year - playing your vets too many minutes and denying capable young energy guys minutes does not give you the best chance to win; I will not pay money to watch that kind of game

Watson's game looked good in the box score,
but not so good on the court


Don Nelson
On Tonight's Game:
“Well actually we played a pretty good game, for a long time. And what threw us off our game plan, of course, was the move I was most worried about...Rasheed (Wallace) playing the five, where we had to guard him with Goose (Andris Biedrins). Andris is one of my best players, so it’s hard for me to take him out of the game. But if I had to go back I probably would have matched up smaller on that lineup and subbed for Andris. Anyway, we had a nice lead until they did that and then we just couldn’t do anything right and we couldn’t stop them. They took our game plan away defensively, so that’s really what hurt us. We had to go to the zone…I thought that got us back in the game. We made some mistakes down the stretch, which I have to expect, and we’ll talk about them and show them and hope we don’t do them a second time. “

Corey Maggette
On His Hamstring:
"It’s Ok.. It gave me an opportunity to get back out on the floor so that’s a positive start. I just wish I had more power and was able to attack more. But I’ll take what it is and hopefully we can bounce back. I’m just disappointed because we had this game.”
On Tonight's Game:
“It’s tough because we had several opportunities, but we went cold down the stretch and it really hurt us. And when you put a veteran team on the free throw line to make big plays towards the end they really capitalize on it. Rasheed made some big plays, Rip Hamilton, and A.I. (Iverson) these guys are veterans and all-stars, so they did what they had to do to win a game.”

Andris Biedrins
On Tonight's Game:
"We just couldn’t execute the plays down the stretch. We were in the wrong spots, at the wrong time and we went cold down the stretch. And when a team like the Pistons hits their free throws it’s tough to overcome. We played the zone quite a bit, and they were able to finally figure it out in the final minutes. They made some great plays and were able to figure it out.”
On Rasheed Wallace:
“He’s pretty difficult to play. You have to make sure you go out and contest his shot, but at the same time you have to be worried about him getting rebounds. It’s pretty difficult to play against a player like that.”

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NBA Season 08/09 - Detroit Pistons @ Golden State Warriors
From: 8Shorty7

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Jackson has his best game of the year. Extension to follow?

MVW: Stephen Jackson

The Good
Stephen Jackson: 48 min, 11-21 fg, 6-7 ft, 5 ast, 3 stl, 1 blk, 30 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 49 min, 7-9 ft, 8 reb, 22 pts
Andris Biedrins: 43 min, 7-9 ft, 15 reb, 2 blk, 13 pts
Brandan Wright: 34 min, 4-7 fg, 5-6 ft, 7 reb, 13 pts
Anthony Randolph: 21 min, 8 reb, 2 blk
Anthony Morrow: 13 min, 3-6 fg, 2-4 3pt, 2 ast, 8 pts
Marco Belinelli: 5 min, 2-3 fg, 2-3 3pt, 6 pts
C.J. Watson: 24 min, 3-6 fg, 1-1 3pt, 4 reb, 4 ast, 8 pts
Ronny Turiaf: 27 min, 3-4 fg, 3 reb, 3 blk, 9 pts

The Bad
Stephen Jackson: 48 min, 4 to
Andris Biedrins: 43 min, 4 to

The Ugly

Best and Worst +/-
Brandan Wright: +8
Anthony Randolph: +8
Anthony Morrow: -8

Team Statistics
Warriors : Timberwolves
pts - 113 : 110
fg - 38-80 (.475) : 47-110 (.427)
ft - 29-37 (.784) : 11-14 (.786)
3p - 8-19 (.421) : 5-25 (.200)
reb - 49 : 47
oreb - 11 : 20
ast - 16 : 28
to - 19 : 11
stl - 5 : 8
bs - 8 : 6
fast break pts - 17 : 18
pts in paint - 40 : 60

Box Score
Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

  1. glad to finally see the future big 3 of Randolph, Wright, and Biedrins out on the floor at the same time
  2. Belinelli's defense is vastly improved; lots of effort - hopefully this translates to more playing time
  3. combo of Morrow and Belinelli going as I hoped - hot hand stays in; would like to see more of the two
  4. Belinelli and Randolph should be in along with DeMarcus Nelson in order to give Jackson more rest; Belinelli and Randolph can handle the ball, Nelson can bring extra defense; Jackson cannot play 45 min per night!
  5. Nelson pulled Morrow out after getting called for a touch foul on a drive - too bad, because he was hot; Randolph pulled after some defensive miscues and for not boxing out on the boards - gets a little longer leash
  6. Randolph keeps shooting the long 2; would like to see more driving because he can draw fouls or create for others; needs to know his limitations; Jackson defending him in practice should identify those limitations rather easily so he can mitigate mistakes and work on his weaknesses
  7. great 3pt percentage thanks to Morrow and Belinelli
  8. Warriors defense at the end of the 4th was phenomenal; long limbs of Wright, Biedrins, and Jackson caused anxiety for the perimeter shooters, so they try to take it inside, but our talls make it difficult to get off an easy shot; I can see this becoming a trademark defensive effort once another long body like Randolph sees more time
  9. Don Nelson's new rotation that includes the youngsters is fabulous!
  10. perhaps showcasing Marcus Williams will help us package him along with Harrington to get quality assets back

Biedrins gets his 15th straight double-double

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Wright did a lot of things well that didn't show up in the box score

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Thurs. Nov 13, 2008 vs. Detroit, 7:30 pm
National TV: TNT
Radio: KNBR 680


If there is only one article you read in your lifetime, make it this gem from Adam Lauridsen.

The State of the Franchise

The internal struggles, Nelson's rise in power, and the reasons why the franchise is going nowhere beyond mediocre as long as Cohan/Rowell's philosophy go unchanged are summed up brilliantly in a tour de force for the DIE-HARD Warrior fan.

Monday, November 10, 2008

POSTGAME: KINGS - 11/09/08

Biedrins gets his 14th straight double double and 4th MVW in 7 games

: Andris Biedrins

The Good
Andris Biedrins: 31 min, 6-14 fg, 18 reb, 2 stl, 2 blk, 16 pts
Stephen Jackson: 33 min, 6 ast, 1 blk, 15 pts
Anthony Randolph: 14 min, 7 reb, 1 blk, 11 pts
Anthony Morrow: 12 min, 3-5 fg, 1-2 3pt, 7 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 28 min, 6-12 fg, 5 reb, 2 stl, 12 pts
Marco Belinelli: 11 min, 3-5 fg, 1-2 3pt, 3 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 7 pts
Brandan Wright: 24 min, 5-11 fg, 4 reb, 2 stl, 3 blk, 10 pts

The Bad
Anthony Randolph: 14 min, 2-10 fg
Turiaf: 5 min, 0 reb, 0 ast, 1 pf, 0 pts

The Ugly

Rob Kurz: 23 min, 1-6 fg, 2 reb, 0 ast, 4 pf, 0 stl, 1 to, 6 pts

Best and Worst +/-
Marcus Williams: +7
Kelenna Azubuike: -15
Brandan Wright: -16

Team Statistics

Warriors : Kings
pts - 96 : 115
fg - 38-93 (.409) : 39-84 (.464)
ft - 17-26 (.654) : 26-32 (.813)
3p - 3-14 (.214) : 5-13 (.385)
reb - 45 : 48
oreb - 15 : 12
ast - 19 : 18
to - 15 : 16
stl - 12 : 7
bs - 8 : 6
fast break pts - 18 : 21
pts in paint - 52 : 46

Box Score

Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

There will be growing pains, but the rewards will come sooner than later

  1. Barnett's keys to the game: keep Martin on the perimeter, good shot selection; own the rebounding edge
  2. starting lineup: Watson/Azubuike/Jackson/Wright/Biedrins; inactives: Ellis/Harrington/Maggette/Hendrix
  3. not much defense after the first few minutes
  4. Belinelli in at 8 min mark of the 1st quarter
  5. Wright is LONG
  6. Biedrins looking great running the break; Jackson and Biedrins have great chemistry
  7. Wright with 2 fouls early; Randolph in for Wright
  8. Spencer Hawes vs. Anthony Randolph
  9. Andris with 3 assists early; offense running through postmen
  10. Belinelli hits his first shot, a 3 pointer
  11. Randolph needs to quit settling for the long jumpers; he can take it strong to the rim and draw fouls just like Summer League
  12. very high scoring game
  13. Belinelli feeling it; long 3 missed but on line
  14. chemistry developing right before our eyes; Jackson/Wright give-n-go
  15. Hawes (20 years old) is going to be one of the best bigs in the West; tremendous range, size, and offensive potential; very skilled big man and aggressive; Dirk-ish
  16. lots of Warrior fans populating a sparse crowd
  17. Turiaf not playing well; only 5 min; not sure what Nellie's reasoning is on that one; still hasn't found his shot this season
  18. Azubuike on Jason Thompson
  19. Rob Kurz in at middle of 2nd quarter
  20. Kings ripping apart Warriors' defense with constant ball movement, cutting, and crisp passing
  21. Martin cold from 3, hits from everywhere else
  22. Jackson getting feisty with refs and his match-up challenges
  23. Kurz needs to hit those open shots, so far, he's playing like garbage
  24. Biedrins is owning the boards; gets 14th consecutive double-double with 2 min. left in the 1st half
  25. Martin cries after twisting ankle - embarrassing
  26. Anthony Randolph getting extensive minutes; trying to do too much; the more he played on during the game the better he looked
  27. too bad we didn't end up signing Bobby Brown this summer - quick PG with good range
  28. all summer league team playing most of the 2nd half; at least Jackson finally gets his rest
  29. Morrow makes his 1st appearance and 1st NBA points at 8:36 left in 4th; best pure shooter on the Warriors
  30. Marcus Williams with terrific passes; he needs to play alongside Jackson (or Azubuike)/Randolph/Wright/Biedrins
  31. Spencer Hawes drains contested 3 pointer over Randolph
  32. Kurz does not belong, never will
  33. teammates need to look for the shooters while they are out there, first Belinelli gets ignored, now Morrow
  34. young guys just got beat by a veteran team with a few young up-n-comers, Hawes, Thompson, and Brown
  35. difficult game to watch, but the more the young guys play, the better
  36. would like to have seen: more Williams, Belinelli, and Morrow, less Kurz more Hendrix, some more Turiaf, a 3-man frontline of Wright/Randolph/Biedrins, 30+ min from Wright and Randolph, committing minutes to the right youngsters

Randolph with the put back slam

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Warriors-Kings 98-115 I Biedrins 16pts,18reb vs Martin 27pts
From: 1EDmanLV

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