Saturday, November 8, 2008


Biedrins gets his 13th straight double double and 3rd MVW in 6 games

: Andris Biedrins

The Good
Andris Biedrins: 35 min, 7-13 fg, 9-10 ft, 12 reb, 1 stl, 3 blk, 23 pts
Stephen Jackson: 44 min, 4 ast, 1 blk, 27 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 9 min, 8-16 fg, 2-5 3pt, 6 reb, 1 blk, 21 pts
C.J. Watson: 42 min, 8 reb, 8 ast, 1 stl
Anthony Randolph: 17 min, 4-8 fg, 7 reb, 1 blk, 8 pts, +9
Marcus Williams: 10 min, 4 ast

The Bad
C.J. Watson: 42 min, 1-7 fg
Marcus Williams: 10 min, 0-3 fg
Stephen Jackson: 9-21 fg, 3 reb

The Ugly

Brandan Wright: 20 min, 2-5 fg, 2 reb, 0 ast, 3 to, 6 pts

Best and Worst +/-
Anthony Randolph: +9
C.J. Watson
Brandan Wright: -9

Team Statistics

Warriors : Grizzlies
pts - 104 : 109
fg - 36-84 (.429) : 41-89 (.461)
ft - 30-43 (.698) : 22-30 (.733)
3p - 2-12 (.133) : 5-17 (.294)
reb - 41 : 55
oreb - 13 : 17
ast - 18 : 20
to - 12 : 13
stl - 7 : 3
bs - 10 : 4
fast break pts - 18 : 21
pts in paint - 52 : 46

Box Score

Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

Stephen Jackson tries to lead the young guys to victory

  1. Barnett's Keys to the Game: put body on gasol, pick and roll defense, more basketball movement
  2. starting lineup: Watson, Azubuike, Jackson, Wright, Biedrins - inactives: Maggette, Harrington, Hendrix, and Ellis
  3. Wright's length bothering shots early
  4. love the length of Beans and Wright - can't wait for Randolph to get regular run
  5. Anthony Randolph inserted at 4:22 in the 1st! Thank you Nellie for making the games exciting again
  6. Memphis shooting well from the perimeter; Gay and Mayo improve shooting percentages in the 2nd half
  7. Marcus Williams in the game! Someone put something in Nellie's drink; nice lead pass in the fastbreak; I hope we continue to see more of him; missed all 3 of his jumpers and didn't penetrate deep into the paint tonight
  8. Randolph super confident; amazing leaping ability; shot changer; only Warriors with a positive +/- stat (+9)
  9. new look for Warriors - never had so much shot blocking before; Grizzlies working extra hard and thinking too much in the paint
  10. Belinelli in! I love the new rotation! 10 different players get on the court; way to work in the young guys Nellie!
  11. Gasol and Arthur in foul trouble early 3 fouls each
  12. Darko Milicic ejected after rightfully arguing call the wrong way; Arthur in again
  13. Grizzlies out-rebounding Warriors bigtime; not blocking off the boards, but relying on team defense and trying to block every shot; let's see if they adjust
  14. Biedrins having a tough time in the paint; shots not falling (maybe I'm expecting too much to have every shot fall down); Andris is awesome!
  15. Gasol has 4 fouls at 10:55 in the 3rd
  16. DeMarcus Nelson needs to guard Mayo - hot early in the 2nd half
  17. Gay taking it strong to the rim to draw contact in the 2nd half
  18. 3rd quarter sloppy - 17 to 6 run from Grizzlies
  19. Watson/Nelson/Belinelli/Jackson/Biedrins - real small ball
  20. Jackson and C.J. bringing them back; Watson is one tough SOB
  21. DeMarcus posting up Memphis PG's
  22. no one is getting Belinelli the ball
  23. poor transition defense; Grizzlies score with ease each time down
  24. Mayo with 11 points in 3rd quarter
  25. Randolph 4 of 5 from field; I would try to play Jackson, Buke, Randolph, Wright, and Biedrins
  26. wow. 9-10 ft for Biedrins; lone miss was an air ball, but followed it with a swish; 13th straight double-double; leads NBA in rebounds
  27. great battle down the stretch; Kelenna, Jackson, Wright, Biedrins, Watson Big
  28. Grizzlies getting some gift calls - taking crowd out of game and shifting momentum
  29. Gasol fouls out with 8 points; non-factor; Darrell Arthur steps up big - fantastic looking rookie with range and tenacity on the boards; draft steal
  30. Gay is a Warrior killer; icing game with corner 3
  31. Mayo is going to be the next Arenas; deadly from outside, creative in the paint
  32. Randolph settles for 20 foot jumper and misses when he had a clear path to the basket; he'll learn; kudos to Nellie for playing Randolph - this is good for player morale (Randolph and Belinelli - need to get Turiaf more run as well)
  33. don't like how DeMarcus drove in when he could have kicked it out to Belinelli for a 3 when they were down by 6 with not much time left in game; if he's in, use him
  34. Jackson and Watson missing 2 freethrows each down the stretch was a big blow
  35. Wright couldn't follow up his outstanding game with a good one - sure signs of youth, but it's important to keep playing him regardless; it will pay dividends in a matter of months, if not weeks
  36. even though the Warriors lost, it was a valuable experience for the youngsters and a pretty entertaining game; only 12 turnovers - pretty good considering many of the lineup combinations out there had little time to develop chemistry - it'll come
  37. key stat of the night: Warriors out-rebounded 55 to 41
  38. would like to have seen more Nelson on Mayo, more rest for Jackson, more Randloph and Wright, dribble penetration from Williams, PG's feeding Belinelli, more Turiaf, less chucking from Jackson if shot is not 'on'

Warrior fans look forward to a future frontline of Biedrins, Wright, and Randolph

Grizzlies - Warriors 109-104 I Mayo 20pts vs Jackson 27pts
From: 1EDmanLV

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Next Game
Nov 9, 2008 at Sacramento, 6:00 pm
Local TV: CSNBay
Radio: KNBR 680

Thursday, November 6, 2008


The Future is NOW (at least until Nellie says it's not).

MVW: Brandan Wright

The Good
Brandan Wright: 32 min, 7-9 fg, 13 reb, 6 off, 3 blk, 18 pts
Andris Biedrins: 32 min, 6-14 fg, 11reb, 5 blk, 12 pts
Stephen Jackson: 44 min, 12-13 ft, 7 ast, 29 pts
C.J. Watson: 42 min, 7-16 fg, 5 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl, 14 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 44 min, 8-17 fg, 8 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk, 22 pts

The Bad
Al Harrington: 16 min, 1-4 fg, 1 reb, 4 pf, 3 pts

The Ugly
Al Harrington: -14 +/-

Best and Worst +/-
Brandan Wright: +24
Kelenna Azubuike: +21
C.J. Watson: +20
Al Harrington: -14

Team Statistics
Warriors : Nuggets
pts - 111 : 101
fg - 42-90 (.467) : 39-88 (.443)
ft - 25-36 (.694) : 21-25 (.840)
3p - 2-16 (.125) : 2-15 (.133)
reb - 46 : 48
oreb - 17 : 14
ast - 21 : 25
to - 10 : 20
stl - 8 : 10
bs - 11 : 6
fast break pts - 9 : 27
pts in paint - 52 : 54

Box Score

  1. Maggette out with sore hamstring; inactive: Marcus Williams, Richard Hendrix, Monta Ellis
  2. Nuggets running wild most of the 1st quarter (up by 18) and Warriors had no answer.
  3. Brandan Wright sparks the defensive intensity bringing them within 7 by the end of the 1st
  4. Jackson scoring and dishing out the dimes; hit 12-13 free throws; careless passing at times but Warriors win the turnover battle 10 to 20
  5. love Azubuike's effort on the boards at the 9:49 mark of the 2nd Q; snatching rebound away from much taller and athletic Chris Anderson; played inspirational
  6. Azubuike with the awesome block on Dahntay Jones slam attempt! Highlight of the evening! Azubuike has excellent timing and quick reactions
  7. Biedrins was in early foul trouble; playing sub par, but recovers nicely after returning from the bench
  8. Watson/Jackson/Azubuike/Wright/Turiaf = great combination of chemistry, defensive intensity and offensive energy
  9. Kenyon Martin looks reborn; great hops and hustle
  10. Nellie sits Harrington and Biedrins down to start the 2nd half; rally lineup stuggles early; both teams play sloppy - no true PG
  11. nothing falling for Biedrins today; hands not working at times
  12. Belinelli in for Jackson; Watson/Belinelli/Azubuike/Harrington/Biedrins
  13. Belinelli misses first shot - wide open 3; knocks down 2nd shot = long 2 from top of key; love it when Belinelli is in! He adds another dimension to the Warriors when they are struggling to knock down shots from outside
  14. good defense w/ Beli moving his feet resulting in a turnover; too bad he only played 4 min.
  15. Biedrins developing a post up spin move = go-to move of the night
  16. Harrington playing like garbage - could lose starting job
  17. Brandan Wright comes in to replace Harrington; gets a bucket and rebound, contests shots with his length; keeps loose balls alive; very disruptive on defense
  18. who needs Mags when you've got Buke?
  19. Biedrins with a running dunk over Nene
  20. Wright with a game clinching block on Martin's jumper
  21. Wright should become the starter; sorry Al - hope you get your wish to be traded soon
  22. Biedrins = top 5 center; 5 blocks!
  23. Carmelo said he was going for 44 points tonight in honor of Obama's win, but Wright and Jackson made sure it didn't happen; he finishes with 28
  24. when Nellie plays two bigs, the Warriors seem to get higher percentage shots and more opportunties; making Harrington the 6th man would be a great move, trading him for an expiring deal or packaged with Marcus Williams to land a quick true PG would be even better
  25. C.J. to take over starting PG role? Nelson got only 6 min

Andris Biedrins posterizes Nene
From: espnman1

Kelenna Azubuike blocks D. Jones
From: daprescription

Denver Nuggets @ Golden State Warriors 11/5/08
From: aznpowerdaniel

my player by player break down from last night - WarriorsWorld poster king "gswfan4ever"

Next Game
Friday Nov 7, 2008 Memphis, 7:30 pm
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Who should get the majority of minutes at Power Forward?

Al Harrington
9 (18%)
Corey Maggette
2 (4%)
Anthony Randolph
10 (20%)
Ronny Turiaf
8 (16%)
Brandan Wright
19 (39%)

Thanks for all that voted. If Al Harrington is traded, we could see more Brandan Wright than ever before.


Who should get the majority of minutes at Point Guard?

Stephen Jackson
5 (9%)
DeMarcus Nelson
19 (37%)
C.J. Watson
4 (7%)
Marcus Williams
23 (45%)

Marcus Williams is the only true PG on the Warriors, but unfortunatly, he won't get an opportunity to play unless injury befalls C.J. Watson and DeMarcus Nelson.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


About 24 hours ago, I was feeling as if the Warriors had a chance at competing for a playoff spot. But I have to keep telling myself, "It's only 1 game." They looked very promising the first 3 games. Two close loses to contenders and a convicing win in New Jersey had me optomistic once again about the Warriors chances. I knew the heavy minutes for the 'old guys' would catch up with them sooner or later...but not this soon. They were absolutely horrible last night vs. the very average Memphis Grizzlies that played 3 rookies significant minutes.

I'm waiting to see if Nellie cuts the vet's minutes and plays the young guys more before totally abandoning all hope for the season (which it sounds like a lot of people have already done). If Nellie shows that he realizes his rotation patterns are detrimental to wins and development in the long run, then there is reason to stay excited about this season. Otherwise, I'll be over in the corner with the 'tank squad' hoping for a Top 5 pick. Right now, Nellie is showing us that he hasn't learned from last year's mistakes.

1. Ricky Rubio
2. Blake Griffin
3. Demar DeRozan
4. James Harden

? Jrue Holiday - could be the best PG in the NCAA
? Brandon Jennings - can he live up to the hype?
? B.J. Mullins - for trade
? Tyreke Evans - see how he does at Memphis
? Earl Clark - prototypical Nellie Baller

I want to see the young guys develop and be part of the playoff push - not watching from the bench as our 'Big 3' chuck at a sub 40% clip. If Nellie stays the course (less than 15+ min. for Wright, Belinelli, and Randolph) and we don't end up with a top 6 pick, then no more season tickets for this life long fan. With Rowell making basketball decisions, Nellie refusing to play his only true PG or developing the future, Mullin getting treated so badly, the economy...the only thing that might win me back as a season ticket holder is one of the guys listed above. If we draft Ricky Rubio, there is no doubt I'm in. I'll have to wait and see how good the other guys are before making a decision. We need hope...and no, it's not coming in the form of a cap killing Stephen Jackson extension.

Ricky Rubio - Born to Be Wild
From: ambrojordi


MVW: Andris Biedrins

The Good
Andris Biedrins: 36 min, 8-14 fg, 0-0 ft, 22 reb, 16 pts

The Bad
Stephen Jackson: 44 min, 6-21 fg, 5 to
Corey Maggette: 31 min, 4-16 fg, 0-5 3pt, 1 reb
3-20 3pt
12 pts in the 4th quarter

The Ugly
Al Harrington: 34 min, 3-15 fg, 6 pts

Best and Worst +/-
Brandan Wright: +4
Anthony Randolph: +3
Al Harrington: -19
Stephen Jackson: -12

Team Statistics
Warriors : Grizzlies
pts - 79 : 90
fg - 33-96 (.344) : 36-78 (.462)
ft - 10-14 (.714) : 14-21 (.667)
3p - 3-20 (.150) : 4-9 (.444)
reb - 48 : 47
oreb - 17 : 11
ast - 15 : 22
to - 12 : 15
stl - 7 : 7
bs - 4 : 5
fast break pts - 13 : 18
pts in paint - 50 : 46

Box Score

  1. Judging by the previous three games, I thought this was going to be a sure win
  2. Barnett's keys to the game: mind your own business; shut scorers down early; involve Biedrins in the 1st Quarter
  3. Inactive List: Ellis, Morrow, Hendrix, and Williams; Surprise Activation: Rob Kurz
  4. defensively, Warriors could not stop Gasol 1 on 1 - I'm surprised Nellie didn't play more Turiaf; he is much much better than I anticipated
  5. DeMarcus Nelson did a fine job whoever he was guarding; came alive offensively in the 2nd quarter; when he started heating up, his teammates recognized it, got him the ball and he went to work against the smaller guards
  6. did a fairly good job on Mayo and Gay
  7. Conley and Mayo guarding Jackson and having trouble early; Grizzlies double later and take him out of the equation
  8. Darrell Arthur starting and effective; wish Randolph would see the same playing time; this routine is going to get old really quick in his eyes and I see Randloph souring on the team quickly if Nelson doesn't let him get some quality minutes on occassion.
  9. Harrington missing layups and taking bad shots as usual - has no conscience when it comes to shot selection and knowing his limitations - too bad he had his worst game of the season verses a team that may have been willing to trade one of it's guards for him.
  10. Gasol is pretty good; active, huge, skilled, smart; dominating the bigs - Nellie inserts Turiaf for a short time and Gasol turns over the ball a few times - puzzled by Nellies' substitution pattern.
  11. Jackson having a field day; Grizzlies did a great job doubling him and forcing mistakes later
  12. Nelson can't shoot from the perimeter; forcing the issue; CJ comes in with a little more success; Warriors PG's are weak - give Williams another shot
  13. Warriors shooting poorly early but still in the game; never came out of the team-wide shooting slump; only 12 points in final quarter - would have been a 9 point quarter if it weren't for the Belinelli's late game swish from 3 point land; too little too late
  14. 35% shooting in the 1st Quarter; thought it couldn't get worse
  15. Harrington rebounding well, but not shooting well - keeps shooting; if only Nellie new when to stop using him on his off nights
  16. Biedrins unable to get involved early because of foul trouble; as soon as he sits, the deficit grows; 2 'MVW' in a row for the lone bright spot of this agonizing game
  17. whole team looks flat, especially the starters (except Biedrins); tired from the last game of the road trip? - all players that averaged above or near 40 minutes played poorly; need role players to step up and Nelson to look to the bench for offense - tinker with it and don't overwork the vets - More Belinelli at PG, more Randolph and Wright instead of Harrington, more Turiaf alongside Biedrins, how about some Williams when offense is sputtering (surround him with a defensive lineup of Jackson, Azubuike, Turiaf, and Biedrins)
  18. Corey Maggette went to the locker room in the 2nd Quarter with slight hamstring pull but returned
  19. Belinelli in early but ineffective and underutilized; did not shoot a jumper; drove in once but missed contested layup; pulled off the floor after a missed defensive assignment; inserted when game out of reach after no one could score in the 4th and immediately drains a 3
  20. Turiaf slows down Gasol; Doubleteamed, Jax steals and rails in a 3
  21. Brandan Wright stuffs Gay
  22. Nelson finishing well; good defense; feed the beast
  23. Maggette's fadeaway 18 footer made me throw up; 4-16 fg; also lazy on the boards
  24. Jackson plays 44 min in a loss while the young players miss development opportunities once again
  25. This team has shown that it can beat some quality teams, but this won't happen until Don Nelson makes a commitment to play Wright, Belinelli, Williams, and Randolph more. Vets are already showing signs of fatigue and its only the 4th game of the season
  26. Warriors should have an assistant coach focus on substitutions so Nellie optimizes his player's minutes and production
  27. Warriors just got beat by a so-so team playing three rookies substantial minutes - Gasol, Mayo, and Arthur; Nellie needs to wake up

Warriors-Grizzlies 79-90 I Jackson 17pts vs Gasol 27pts
From: 1EDmanLV

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

POSTGAME: NETS - 11/01/08

MVW: Andris Biedrins

The Good
Andris Biedrins: 33 min, 8-11 fg, 7-8 ft, 11 reb, 3 pf, 2 stl, 2 blk, 23 pts
Stephen Jackson: 41 min, 7-16 fg, 3-8 3pt, 5 reb, 8 ast, 23 pts
Corey Maggette: 41 min, 13-15 ft, 10 reb, 2 stl, 20 pts
Al Harrington: 29 min, 3-7 3pt, 14 pts

The Bad
C.J. Watson: 28 min, 1-5 fg, 3-6 ft, 2 to
18 missed free throws

The Ugly
Corey Maggette: 41 min, 3-13 fg, 4 to

Best and Worst +/-
Al Harrington: +14
DeMarcus Neslon: +13
C.J. Watson: -4
Kelenna Azubuike: -6

Team Statistics
Warriors : Nets
pts - 105 : 97
fg - 32-76 (.421) : 35-83 (.422)
ft - 34-52 (.654) : 21-28 (.750)
3p - 7-19 (.368) : 6-20 (.300)
reb - 41 : 45
oreb - 14 : 16
ast - 18 : 22
to - 16 : 17
stl - 8 : 7
bs - 5 : 7
fast break pts - 20 : 13
pts in paint - 36 : 48

Box Score

  1. Warriors get their first win
  2. late arriving crowd for a home opener
  3. look flat early; sloppy play from both teams
  4. like how DeMarcus Nelson attacks the rim; doing well defensively on Harris - early fouls, 2 in first 4 min.
  5. Biedrins having trouble with outlet passes to start the break (last night turnover w/ outlet pass to Turiaf); botched ally-oop pass; got into early foul trouble but stayed out of foul trouble after returning in the 2nd Quarter; good sign that he knows how to stay on the floor
  6. 1st subs = Turiaf, Azubuike, and Watson
  7. Jackson is a turnover machine - put in Williams to ease some of the pressure and need for Jackson to handle the ball - only credited for 2 turnovers?
  8. Turiaf playing well as usual, providing energy and trouble for the opposing bigs - nice pickup; only 11 min tonight, but pretty effective
  9. Maggette's typical day on the free throw line returns (13 of 15)
  10. Harrington shouldn't have anything to complain about because he's getting plenty of minutes, has the green light, and is being used as more than just a 3 point threat; did not play the entire 4th quarter
  11. like Watson's drive and kick; crisp, decisive passing
  12. Brandan Wright with back-to-back blocks on Ryan Anderson; another block from behind that leads to a fast break score; gets credit for only 1 block; good 7 min on the floor
  13. Azubuike reminds me of Mitch Richmond and how he finishes strong at the rim; had an off game
  14. Marcus Williams gets a mention from Mike Fratello - Grizzlies thought very highly of him on draft day and were feverishly trying to trade up for him
  15. Biedrin's contract will end up being one of the best non-rookie contracts in the NBA; if Monta can come back 100% and the Warriors draft a big true PG or Brandon Roy type SG, the Warriors will be a very good team.
  16. painful to watch DeMarcus at the freethrow line
  17. 16 point lead going into 4th - rest the starters! Warriors outscore Nets 33 -18 in the 3rd; whoops! Nellie doesn't rest the starters or put in a true PG to manage the press and make decisions - lead evaporates while fresh, capable players eager to get in and contribute (Wright, Belinelli, Randolph, Williams) watch from the bench.
  18. Jackson lighting it up in the 3rd; very vocal
  19. ton of missed free throws in the 2nd half
  20. Maggette the lone bright spot at the line
  21. CJ and Nelson in the game together to handle the ball pressure; CJ gets chewed out by Nelli for his ball hogging
  22. Jackson had a very efficient game; seems as though his extended rest in the 2nd quarter resulted in energized play in the 3rd to pull away from the Nets; rest is underrated, especailly as the season rolls on
  23. Rob Kurz is said to be returning; Warriors allowed to place Ellis on Suspended List after 3 games served, opening up another roster spot; less time for Al?

Next Game

Mon. Nov. 3 @ Memphis 5:00 PM
Local TV: CSNBay
Radio KNBR 1050