Friday, April 17, 2009


Due to the likely departure of Chris Mullin from the Golden State Warriors, I thought it would be an appropriate time for blog site to make a transition onto another site. Please visit Warrior Works and update your bookmarks/links as necessary.

Thanks for your many hits and please join me at my new blog as we turn the page on yet another chapter in the Warriors dysfunctional history.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Based on Final Regular Season Standings
  1. Kings - Ricky Rubio
  2. Wizards (t) - Blake Griffin
  3. Clippers (t) - Jordan Hill
  4. Thunder - Hasheem Thabeet
  5. Grizzlies - James Harden
  6. Timberwolves - Brandon Jennings
  7. Warriors - Jrue Holiday
  8. Knicks - Tyreke Evans
  9. Raptors - DeMar DeRozan
  10. Bucks - Earl Clark
  11. Nets - Stephen Curry
  12. Bobcats - Craig Brackins
  13. Pacers - Jonny Flynn
  14. Suns - Terrence Williams
  15. Pistons - Ty Lawson
  16. Bulls (t) - Donatas Motiejunas
  17. 76ers (t) - Patrick Mills
  18. Timberwolves (1) - Austin Daye
  19. Hawks - B.J. Mullens
  20. Jazz - Chase Budinger
  21. Hornets - Wayne Ellington
  22. Mavericks - Patrick Patterson
  23. Kings (2) - Gerald Henderson
  24. Trail Blazers - Eric Maynor
  25. Thunder (3) - James Johnson
  26. Thunder (4) - DeJuan Blair
  27. Grizzlies (5) - Tyler Hansbrough
  28. Timberwolves (6) - Jeff Teague
  29. Lakers - Sam Young
  30. Cavaliers - Nick Calathes
(t) tie
(1) from Heat
(2) from Rockets
(3) from Spurs
(4) from Nuggets
(5) from Magic
(6) from Celtics

On the bubble: Darren Collison, Tyler Smith, A.J. Ogilvy, Marcus Thornton, Omri Casspi, Gani Lawal, Damion James, DaJuan Summers, Jon Brockman

Friday, April 10, 2009


Who would you prefer as the future Power Forward?

Blake Griffin: 38 votes (49%)
Anthony Randolph: 39 votes (50%)

Total votes: 77

Anthony Randolph barely wins by a single vote which surprises me somewhat. There's no doubt that Griffin is a dominant college player, but Randolph has shown the he can more than hold his own verses the professionals. Some are even predicting that he will eventually become an all-star. Griffin is a better scorer and perhaps Randolph's equal in rebounds, but the younger Randolph has the potential to be a game-changing defensive presence and mismatch nightmare able to play 3 positions in Don Nelson's rotation. Blake Griffin is undersized for his position, less proven, less versatile, and likely with less upside than Randolph.

Feel free to post a comment on why you voted one way or the other.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


  1. Two of the toughest positions to field with star talent are PG and C. Rubio is already a star in Europe at the young age of 18. Blake Griffin has the makings of a star, but is a PF, a position easier to fill. Players with Griffin's attributes are less scarce.

  2. The Warriors biggest area of need is PG. Monta Ellis is trying hard to learn the role, but it's becoming clear that he doesn't have that special something that allows him to see the entire floor seconds before it actually happens, nor does he have the passing ability to get players the ball in tight spots.

  3. Rubio will fill the seats for the next decade-plus. He's humble, charismatic, talented, and has a flair for the spectacular. The fans will love him (especially the females) and so will Cohan's bank account. More revenue means more money to spend on free agents.

  4. A PG of Rubio's caliber is difficult to find and even harder to trade for. IF he reaches his potential, he's the kind of player that teams hold on to for their entire career. Better secure his services now while you still can rather than over-paying to try and trade for him when he is a star.

  5. The only other player worth taking #1, Blake Griffin, plays the same position that two fast rising Warriors play. Randolph and Wright aren't as potent scorers but they are far better defensively than the undersized Griffin will ever be. Warriors are loaded with scorers already and have the 22 year old Biedrins who is always among the top players in fg% is a potent weapon inside when given the opportunity. To think that Biedrins is not going to continue to add post moves to his repetoire is insane. He is years away from his prime, so the front court, along with the hustle and heart of Turiaf, is set. Drafting Griffin would help, but it would also force Randolph to SF and slow the development of Wright and Griffin. A trade would be necessary to clear the log jam and bring in a true PG.

  6. Griffin = cross between Michael Beasley, David Lee, and Carlos Boozer. Rubio = a cross between Pete Maravich (creativity), Stockton (steals), and Steve Nash (elevate team play). Rubio will make a greater overall positive impact on this team than Griffin will.

  7. Don Nelson stated in a recent radio interview that the Warriors need to acquire a player that is a good rebounder and defender, but first and foremost, is a passer. He needs to be able to get the ball to where it needs to be and make sound decisions every second on the floor. Rubio is a decent rebounder for his position, was awarded Defensive Player of the Year in the ACB League, and is THE best passer to come into the league in a few years. There's no question that he is a true PG and that he would be an ideal choice for acting as an extension of the coach on the floor. He's only 18, but he knows the game inside and out and plays the game like a coach's son.

  8. Rubio makes others around him better. Right now, the Warriors are a team filled with young, exciting talent, but they are without a captain that could take command of the ship and lead the group in the right direction. Rubio will make the game easier for others, especially for the Big 4 who are athletic, have good hands, and fast reactions. Baskets will come easy for everyone else. Wright, Randolph, Biedrins and Turiaf will get high percentage opportunities with a true PG of Rubio's caliber on the floor. He can get to any spot on the floor and once he's there, he knows what to do with it.

  9. Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant think he has the potential to be a special player. They played against him and came away very impressed and believe he has a bright future ahead of him. I'll trust their judgment of talent any day. "It's crazy what he's already done," Paul says. "He will come to the NBA and steal my job."

  10. Read the scouting reports and watch the footage - this kid is going to be special. Note: if you only have time to watch one video, watch the last one where you get a taste of how much of an impact Rubio makes in a single game. Also, keep in mind that he is fresh from returning from wrist surgery.

And I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite sports writers, Bill Simmons:

Ricky Rubio started for Calderón and was solid, if not great. But the feat itself? Do I need to remind you he's the same age as Jamie Lynn Spears? Imagine Team USA picking Chris Paul and a high school kid as its point guards, then Paul missing the gold-medal game and the teenager holding his own? How many commercials would he be filming right now? Twenty? The nonstop Pistol Pete comparisons are beneath Rubio; his defensive instincts, playmaking and athleticism bring him closer to a hybrid of Scottie Pippen and a young Magic—if they happened to look like one of the Jonas Brothers. I love Ricky to the point that I might move to whatever NBA city gets him. You think I'm kidding.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


If a career high of 42 doesn't prove he's back, nothing will.
1rebound and 1 assist from a triple double.

Monta had 9 assist tonight, but he still showed why this team shouldn’t get there hopes up as him being the future full-time PG. Maybe he’ll eventually get it, but he’s been making the same errors all his career. He continually blew past his man tonight, was met with help defense, and tried to dish it off at the rim. Most of the time, he threw inaccurate passes that resulted in turnovers or easy missed scoring opportunities. I good PG could read the situation faster, and thread the needle in traffic or kick it out to the open man at the perimeter. Here’s to hoping that the front office drafts or trades for a young true PG that could set up teammates better. Also, it's time for the front office to put the void option to rest and make peace with Monta Ellis. He's proven that he has come back from his injury. It will do more damage to the franchise if they continue hang the threat of a void over their star's head.

Missing in action for the 2nd half.

CJ Watson gets 34 minutes although he had minimal impact on the game while Anthony Randolph gets 19 after going 7-9 fg, 3-3 ft, and pulling down 10 rebounds. The benching of Randolph pissed me off and many of the season ticket holders in my area. We thought for sure he would make an appearance in overtime, but it wasn't the case. Once again, Nellie is doing selective teaching (or punishment) when it comes to his prized rookie. The Warriors could have used his defense and rebounding, but Nellie is just too stubborn to realize that small ball played with a depleted roster and tired legs results in poor play. Fortunately, the Warriors survived the sorry a Kings team who is competing for the worst record in the NBA. Randolph stood arms crossed in front of the bench most of the 3rd and 4th quarter, only to be ignored as the Kings sent the game into overtime when it should have been a sure win in regulation. As a fan, I feel that Nelson sucks the joy out of games for loyal paying customers and Anthony Randolph. Ease up Don, you made your point loud and clear by benching him for all but a few minutes in the 2nd half. Subbing him in for a few critical defensive stops at the end of the game wouldn’t have diminished any of your mind-games. Randolph and the fans got your point … he made a mistake … now get over yourself and move on.

Don Nelson puts tired small ball and head
games ahead of defense and excitement for the fans.

Box Score
Game Flow

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Which Freshman will end up being the best NBA Player?

DeMar DeRozan: 39 (29%)
Brandon Jennings: 25 (18%)
Greg Monroe: 24 (17%)
Al-Farouq Aminu: 14 (10%)
Jrue Holiday: 14 (10%)
Willie Warren: 11 (8%)
B.J. Mullens: 7 (5%)

Total Votes: 134

I should have included Tyreke Evans in this poll. After his strong finish to his Freshman season, he would surely be conisdered among the top vote getters now.

Who Will Be The Best Pro?


With the news that coach John Calipari was leaving Memphis for Kentucky, Tyreke Evans decided to make the early jump into the pros. He's not a true PG, but what makes him intriguing is his ability to defend both backcourt positions, rebound, and score. He'll make a great addition, but until Jrue Holiday flops in workouts, I'll put Holiday ahead of Evans in my PG rankings.

Tier 1:
R. Rubio - future star

Tier 2:
J. Holiday - true PG, defends, star potential
B. Jennings - true PG, can't defend, star potential
T. Evans - combo guard, score, rebound, defends, great size, star potential

Tier 3:
W. Warren - combo guard, score, explosive, returning
E. Maynor - true PG, older, good size
P. Mills - quick, undersized, true PG
S. Curry - combo guard, score, long range, defensive liability

Tier 4:
N. Calathes - true PG, good all-around, struggles vs. small quick PG's, great size
T. Lawson - true PG, undersized, defensive liability, low turnovers
J. Flynn - true PG, undersized, defensive liability, returning
J. Teague - combo guard, score, turnovers, see Acie Law, returning?

Tier 5:
D. Collison - good PG, struggles in big games, nothing special
R. Beaubois - mystery, athletic, defense, long

I would trade up for Tier 1. Draft any Tier 2 with #7. Trade down to mid-1st for Tier 3. Trade down to late first, early 2nd for Tier 4. Trade down to mid-2nd for Tier 5.

Tyreke Evans...........HIGHLIGHTS