Sunday, June 1, 2008


Every year BBJ (aka boy band jon) puts together highlight reels of each Warrior's season. No one does a more thorough job of collecting footage, few can match his production quality, and NO ONE can surpass his dedication, passion, and love for the Warriors. He's been doing this sort of thing for years - before the Warriors became the darlings of the NBA - before the bandwagon started to fill up. BBJ was there when times were tough and still took the time to give the diehards great memories to hold on to from what usually was a rough year followed by a long offseason.

Kudos go out to BBJ once again for his hard work. Be sure to check out his latest stuff on YouTube in high quality. Here are a few samples:

Golden St. Warriors '07-'08 Season in Review

Brandan Wright '07-'08 Highlight Reel

Marco Belinelli '07-'08 Highlight Reel

Patrick O'Bryant '07-'08 Highlight Reel

Andris Biedrins '07-'08 Highlight Reel

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