Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Wow. Mullin really pulled the trigger quickly on a number of deals after finding out that Brand would not be accepting the Warriors' near max offer. The additions of Corey Maggette and Ronny Turiaf aren't bad if you're looking to become a perennial late lottery team. If Maggette is the #1 free agent acquisition, the franchise's future is not looking too good. Mullin needs to do one more big signing to give the fans hope for the future and possibly contend this year for the Western Conference Finals.


Sign Keyon Dooling to a 3 yr / $9.3 million deal.
Sign DeMarcus Nelson if he impresses in Summer League.

Warriors Trade with Hawks:

In: Josh Smith, Speedy Claxton
Out: Al Harrington, Kosta Perovic, 2009 1st Round Pick

In: Al Harrington, Kosta Perovic, 2009 1st Round Pick
Out: Josh Smith, Speedy Claxton

Smith is signed to a 6 year / $85.9 million deal. Smith sees the promising group of players Mullin has assembled including the recently acquired Maggette and Turiaf. His preference to not play under coach Woodson has been well documented and he may be able to push for a sign and trade scenerio by threatening to take the qualifying offer and walk away for nothing in 2009. Josh Smith wants to be part of the run and gun style, so he agrees to do the sign and trade netting him the maximum pay raise of 10.5% per year (avg. $14.3 mil/yr).

We have to take the Claxton deal as incentive for the Hawks to do the sign and trade. He can be bought out if he is unable to contribute.

Rather than losing Smith for nothing, the Hawks get an extra 1st Round Pick in 2009 in addition to a versatile PF that can spread the floor in Harrington, and a back up center in Perovic. If push came to shove, the Warriors could throw in Brandan Wright instead of the #1 pick or take back something of value in addition to Smith.

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Golden State Warriors 2008-2009:

01. Monta Ellis
02. Corey Maggette
03. Stephen Jackson
04. Josh Smith
05. Andris Biedrins

06. Brandan Wright
07. Ronny Turiaf
08. Marco Belinelli
09. Keyon Dooling
10. Richard Hendrix
11. Anthony Randolph
12. C.J. Watson
13. DeMarcus Nelson

14. Speedy Claxton
15. Open

Warriors stay under the Luxury Tax and have a good mix of youth and vets. There is still room to add one more player, perhaps a veteran like Austin Croshere, who's salary doesn't count towards the luxury tax. Or, the Warriors could leave the slot open for more flexibility during the season.

This is a team that would sell a ton of tickets and compete every night. A team like this would be exciting to watch, has a lot of promise with young guys waiting in the wings, and is a true PG away from being a championship contending team down the line.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nobody commented here, but don't be discouraged. You are doing a great job with analysis and salary estimates, keep it coming, I'll be reading, and I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of people joining me

Mullin's Mind said...

Hey Simmon, thanks for the support. It really means a lot. I love the Warriors to death and enjoy recording my thoughts on this blog. I'm glad there are some readers who find it worthwhile to follow - whether they agree or disagree with my opinions.