Tuesday, August 5, 2008


How would you grade Mullin's offseason?

A - 45 (27%)
B - 79 (48%)
C - 26 (16%)
D - 10 (6%)
F - 2 (1%)

Please feel free to comment on why you gave Mullin a particular grade.


Rizzo said...

Like the majority, I gave Mully a B. The Davis loss was an unexpected blow, but he recovered by shoring up some weak areas (Turiaf, Mags). He had an excellent draft with Randolph and Hendrix who were both projected higher. He probably overpaid for Mags, but he f*cked the Clippers (a divison rival) by prying Brand into the FA market with a big offer thus delaying his signing with the clips. Instead of the Clips being a contender, they are an also ran. The Ws are younger and with Monta, Marcus, Buke, Randolph, Wright, Biedrens, Turiaf, Hendrix and Beli, have a lot of players with big upsdie who are still under 25. If he had a plan B in place "just in case" Baron left early, he would have got an A. I think it's better to let a star go a year early rather than a year late. This applies to Boom. Now if we can get Harrington off the books, we're in great shape.

Rizzo said...

interesting. I put a very long and well thought out comment on here yesterday, and it showed as posted. Why did you remove it?