Thursday, October 9, 2008


My new favorite blogger, Geoff Leaper of, reported that Dion Dowell and Justin Williams have been cut from the team.

Dion Dowell was stuck behind a logjam of Warrior swingmen. He was athletic, had a decent offensive game, and gave strong defensive effort, but was not quite up to par with other NBA talents. The 23 year old will surely make a fine living playing professional basketball elsewhere, and may even eventually find his way back into the league. He preformed well in Summer League, so GM's that paid careful attention to his play might want to keep an eye on him should the need for an athletic swingman arises.

Justin Williams was my favorite to win the final roster spot, but it seems as though he may end up playing for Maccabi who could possibly pay him more and give him more security in a longterm deal. I'm disappointed he did not get a shot at becoming the 3rd string Center and emergency backup at Power Forward. Williams could have evolved into the Warriors best rebounder and shot blocker.

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Players with sizable partial guaranteed deals (likely to stay):
Richard Hendrix: $442,114
C.J. Watson: $150,000
Anthony Morrow: $100,000

3 left to battle for final roster spot:
Rob Kurz - PF with perimeter skills and rebounding; poor man's Croshere
DeMarcus Nelson - defensive-minded guard with limited PG or scoring ability; improving
Dan Dickau - veteran PG who is defensive liability but familiar with Nelson's system; rarely makes mental errors

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