Wednesday, April 1, 2009


With the news that coach John Calipari was leaving Memphis for Kentucky, Tyreke Evans decided to make the early jump into the pros. He's not a true PG, but what makes him intriguing is his ability to defend both backcourt positions, rebound, and score. He'll make a great addition, but until Jrue Holiday flops in workouts, I'll put Holiday ahead of Evans in my PG rankings.

Tier 1:
R. Rubio - future star

Tier 2:
J. Holiday - true PG, defends, star potential
B. Jennings - true PG, can't defend, star potential
T. Evans - combo guard, score, rebound, defends, great size, star potential

Tier 3:
W. Warren - combo guard, score, explosive, returning
E. Maynor - true PG, older, good size
P. Mills - quick, undersized, true PG
S. Curry - combo guard, score, long range, defensive liability

Tier 4:
N. Calathes - true PG, good all-around, struggles vs. small quick PG's, great size
T. Lawson - true PG, undersized, defensive liability, low turnovers
J. Flynn - true PG, undersized, defensive liability, returning
J. Teague - combo guard, score, turnovers, see Acie Law, returning?

Tier 5:
D. Collison - good PG, struggles in big games, nothing special
R. Beaubois - mystery, athletic, defense, long

I would trade up for Tier 1. Draft any Tier 2 with #7. Trade down to mid-1st for Tier 3. Trade down to late first, early 2nd for Tier 4. Trade down to mid-2nd for Tier 5.

Tyreke Evans...........HIGHLIGHTS

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