Thursday, April 2, 2009


If a career high of 42 doesn't prove he's back, nothing will.
1rebound and 1 assist from a triple double.

Monta had 9 assist tonight, but he still showed why this team shouldn’t get there hopes up as him being the future full-time PG. Maybe he’ll eventually get it, but he’s been making the same errors all his career. He continually blew past his man tonight, was met with help defense, and tried to dish it off at the rim. Most of the time, he threw inaccurate passes that resulted in turnovers or easy missed scoring opportunities. I good PG could read the situation faster, and thread the needle in traffic or kick it out to the open man at the perimeter. Here’s to hoping that the front office drafts or trades for a young true PG that could set up teammates better. Also, it's time for the front office to put the void option to rest and make peace with Monta Ellis. He's proven that he has come back from his injury. It will do more damage to the franchise if they continue hang the threat of a void over their star's head.

Missing in action for the 2nd half.

CJ Watson gets 34 minutes although he had minimal impact on the game while Anthony Randolph gets 19 after going 7-9 fg, 3-3 ft, and pulling down 10 rebounds. The benching of Randolph pissed me off and many of the season ticket holders in my area. We thought for sure he would make an appearance in overtime, but it wasn't the case. Once again, Nellie is doing selective teaching (or punishment) when it comes to his prized rookie. The Warriors could have used his defense and rebounding, but Nellie is just too stubborn to realize that small ball played with a depleted roster and tired legs results in poor play. Fortunately, the Warriors survived the sorry a Kings team who is competing for the worst record in the NBA. Randolph stood arms crossed in front of the bench most of the 3rd and 4th quarter, only to be ignored as the Kings sent the game into overtime when it should have been a sure win in regulation. As a fan, I feel that Nelson sucks the joy out of games for loyal paying customers and Anthony Randolph. Ease up Don, you made your point loud and clear by benching him for all but a few minutes in the 2nd half. Subbing him in for a few critical defensive stops at the end of the game wouldn’t have diminished any of your mind-games. Randolph and the fans got your point … he made a mistake … now get over yourself and move on.

Don Nelson puts tired small ball and head
games ahead of defense and excitement for the fans.

Box Score
Game Flow

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