Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Webber Experiment Over...Now What?

It was over before it seemed like it had a chance be begin. Webber wasn't the ideal acquisition considering his questionable health and bad history with the team, but somehow, Mullin and Nelson managed to accumulate more 'pros' than 'cons' to justify the move in lieu of making a trade by the NBA Trade Deadline. It was a minimal risk move financially, but with the move, the Warriors ended up wasting time, resources, and a roster spot for the duration of the experiment.

I wish we would have just stuck with Stephane Lasme instead of opting for Mbenga first, than Webber. Lasme is a freak shot blocker who rebounds well and plays with high energy - exactly what this team is short on. Unfortunately, the Miami Heat have snatched him up from the D-League and we are left to contemplate who, if anyone, is worthy to garner a roster spot on our run 'n gun system.

I wouldn't necessarily sign a guy that rebounds and blocks shots. I really believe we already have a guy that could fill that need better than anyone we could pick up in the D-League or Free Agency. His name is Patrick O'Bryant. I know he's been in Nelson's doghouse ever since he had that breakout game earlier in the year vs. the Clippers, but that guy has some skills and his length could definitely help us on the glass and with post defense.

Here are a few names of potential pick-ups that come to mind.....

  1. Julius Hodge - my favorite pick; versatile guard that would fit well in Nelli-ball; he's doing extremely well in the D-League and so far we've had lots of luck picking up talent from there; currently averaging: 24.0 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 6.6 apg, .9 spg, .4 bpg, .596 fg%, .750 ft%
  2. Ruben Patterson - the 'Kobe Stopper' could bring additional toughness, defense, and rebounding if he has kept himself ready for a call-up
  3. Elton Brown - one of the top bigs in the D-League; he can score, block some shots, and best of all rebound the ball
  4. Brandon Wallace - super athletic shot blocker, but offense could hold him back quite a bit
  5. Rob Benson - best rebounder in the D-League, but can he score enough for Nelson's taste? Not sure.
  6. Justin Williams - rebounding and shot blocking specialist who won't be able to be on the playoff roster; recently released by the Rockets; could audition for next season

Hopefully, Mullin could find someone to fill that roster spot. I would love for O'Bryant to move back into the rotation for a few minutes every other night or when teams are scoring at will in the paint. Adding a player like Hodge will only make the team stronger, improve practices, and add depth in case of injuries.

Don't sit on your hands, Mullin. We are so close to the playoffs. Once we are in we'll need all the help we can get.

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