Friday, April 11, 2008

2008 Mock Draft 2.0

There are three primary needs that have to be addressed this offseason. One is the acquisition of a PG that could relieve Baron Davis and get his minutes down so that he is fresher towards the tail end of the season and games. Another is more depth on the bench that would replace some of the wing players that will be gone (Pietrus, Barnes). Someone that falls into the 'Hybrid Forward' mold that Nelson loves to throw out there and force opposing coaches to adjust to. But the biggest need of all is an upgrade at the PF positions. We need a player that can match-up with the physical bigs of the West. Someone that can play good man defense, has post up capabilities, and can hit a mid-range jumper. We need someone that could complement both Wright and Biedrins. We need someone that is powerful, thick, and with a lot of potential to grow into a force in the NBA. The West is only going to get stronger, and the best way to find that elusive big man is through the draft.

At #14, the Warriors should be able to get that quality big man, whether it be Love, Arthur, or Speights.

  1. Heat - Michael Beasley
  2. Supersonics - Derrick Rose
  3. Grizzlies - Brook Lopez
  4. Timberwolves - Jerryd Bayless
  5. Knicks - OJ Mayo
  6. Clippers - Danilo Gallinari
  7. Bucks - Eric Gordon
  8. Bobcats - Kevin Love
  9. Pacers - DeAndre Jordan
  10. Bulls - Russell Westbrook
  11. Suns - Anthony Randolph
  12. Kings - Darrell Arthur
  13. Trail Blazers - D.J. Augustin
  14. Warriors - Marreese Speights
  15. Nets - Kosta Koufos
  16. 76ers - Darren Collison
  17. Wizards -JaVale McGee
  18. Raptors - Donte Greene
  19. Cavaliers -Earl Clark
  20. Nuggets -Ty Lawson
  21. Magic -Nicolas Batum
  22. Nets - Chase Budinger
  23. Jazz - Joe Alexander
  24. Spurs - Roy Hibbert
  25. Super Sonics - Brandon Rush
  26. Rockets - Robin Lopez
  27. Grizzlies - Tyler Hansbrough
  28. Hornets - Tyler Smith
  29. Pistons - Hasheem Thabeet
  30. Celtics - Richard Hendrix

Prospect Profile: Marreese Speights

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