Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 Mock Draft 3.1

Well, most of the order of the draft is set with the conclusion of the regular season, so I thought it would be a good time to update the mock draft. Warriors draft 14 and leapfrog five Eastern Conference teams with worse records. So, I guess that's the silver lining for missing out on postseason competition.

This is a very deep draft but there are probably only two probable Superstars that will come out of the is class, Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley. The Warriors have a slim chance of 2% to jump from the #14 pick to a top 3 pick, so don't count on it happening. Try the ESPN mock draft machine and you'll find out just how hard it will be for the Warriors to better their position:

Because of this strong, deep draft class, the Warriors should be able to get a special player at #14 - either a player that could help right away or a potential All-Star down the road. The entire first round could be filled with future NBA starters, so the lottery should produce a good group of future stars and a few All-Stars.

Here it is (edited w/ Earl Clark pulling out of the draft):

Round 1

  1. Heat - Michael Beasley
  2. Super Sonics - Derrick Rose
  3. Timberwolves (t) - Brook Lopez
  4. Grizzlies (t) - OJ Mayo
  5. Clippers - Jerryd Bayless
  6. Knicks - Eric Gordan
  7. Bucks - Russell Westbrook
  8. Bobcats - Kevin Love
  9. Bulls - Anthony Randolph
  10. Nets - DeAndre Jordan
  11. Pacers - JaVale McGee
  12. Kings - Darrell Arthur
  13. Trailblazers - DJ Augustin
  14. Warriors - Marreese Speights
  15. Suns - Danilo Gallinari
  16. 76ers - Nicolas Batum
  17. Raptors - Donte Greene
  18. Wizards - Roy Hibbert
  19. Cavaliers - Darren Collison
  20. Nuggets - Ty Lawson
  21. Nets - Chase Budinger
  22. Magic - Brandon Rush
  23. Jazz - Joe Alexander
  24. Super Sonics - Robin Lopez
  25. Rockets - Hasheem Thabeet
  26. Hornets (t) - Chris Douglas-Roberts
  27. Spurs (t) - Serge Ibaka
  28. Grizzlies - Tyler Hansbrough
  29. Pistons - J.J. Hickson
  30. Celtics - Tyler Smith

With the 14th pick, the Golden State Warriors select......

Marreese Speights!!!!

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