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Darko Milicic has been a relatively big disappointment so far. People remember that he was the #2 overall pick chosen before the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. People also forget that he is only 22 years old with more years and chances of redemption. He had another inconsistent year made worse with nagging injuries. The clock is ticking and the Grizzlies might be willing to give up on him if they feel they could get a better player at #14. Brook Lopez or DeAndre Jordan in all likelihood, will end up better centers than Milicic - there in lies the temptation to deal with the Warriors. They have a chance to wipe out $7.0 mil from their payroll if they feel Milicic is not the longterm answer to their search for a center.

Warriors give up relatively little to fill two needs with young prospects that could develop into solid pieces. Milicic 'unplugged' and free to improvise in the Warriors system could end up being a significant addition. We know for sure that he is a shot blocking and rebounding talent, but at 22 years of age, he still can develop into the versatile scoring threat he was back in Europe and as a member of the Serbian National Team. Crittenton is a tall, quick PG that could work well as Monta's future backcourt mate. For now, he could be a trustworthy backup to Davis, allowing him to keep his legs fresh for a strong finish to the season.

Golden State Warriors

Incoming Players

Javaris Crittenton
Salary: $1,285,200 Years Remaining: 2
PTS: 5.6 REB: 2.2 AST: 1.0 PER: 11.04

Darko Milicic
Salary: $6,500,000 Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 7.2 REB: 6.1 AST: 0.8 PER: 11.04
Obtained with a trade exception

Outgoing Players: Kosta Perovic, #14 Pick 2008

Memphis Grizzlies

Incoming Players

Kosta Perovic
Salary: $1,800,000 Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 1.4 REB: 1.9 AST: 0.1 PER: 10.36

#14 Pick 2008

Outgoing Players: Javaris Crittenton, Darko Milicic

Memphis Grizzlies 2008-2009
  1. The Grizzlies now have 3 first round picks to get their rebuilding program off to a fast start by pulling talent from a very deep draft.
  2. Draft Lopez (or Jordan if not available) at #5 - With Lopez, they are set at the Center position for a long while. Darko becomes expendable and they address one of their two weakest positions.
  3. Draft Speights at #14 - The last area of need is filled with the addition of Speights. He has the potential to be a Brand or Jefferson type player with his midrange game, NBA body, and smooth footwork.
  4. Draft Douglas-Roberts at #28 - He gives the Grizzlies a versatile swingman that can score in bunches and defend multiple positions.
  5. The glut of PG's makes Crittenton expendable. If they feel strongly about keeping Crittenton, they could trade Lowry instead.
  6. With the instant dump of Darko's $7.0 mil, they could go after any free agent player they want and still have plenty of cap space left over to sign other quality free agents. They'll be +$20 mil. under the cap. Perhaps they could put a bid in for near-max players like Josh Smith or Andre Iguodala. If I were the Warriors, I'd offer this trade with the understanding that they won't touch our Free Agents.
  7. Sign Josh Childress.
PG: Conley / Lowry
SG: Miller / Douglas-Roberts
SF: Gay / Childress / Cardinal
PF: Smith / Speights / Warrick
C: Lopez / Collins / Perovic

Golden State Warriors 2008-2009
  1. Milicic becomes the primary backup to Beidrins. His rebounding and shot blocking are sorely needed. He's shown some semblance of a midrange game, so there is hope that he could regain his touch and play alongside either of our young bigs, Beidrins and Wright. If the Milicic gamble doesn't pan out, his contract comes off the books anyways in the Summer of 2010 along with Jackon and Harrington's deals. Plenty of capspace to rebuild and recover.
  2. Crittenton becomes Baron Davis' primary backup and Monta's future backcourt mate. His size, quickness, and explosiveness make him a good fit next to Monta. He's still got significant upside and the chance to become a very good player in this league.
  3. Draft Pat Calathes at #49. Pat is a Dunleavy type talent that has the size of a PF but can play like a guard. He shoots the ball extremely well all the way out to the NBA 3, is an excellent distributor, racks up the steals, blocks some shots, and plays smart basketball. He'd be able to play 3 positions in Nelson's system. Draft Express Player Profile
  4. Resign Matt Barnes to low 1-year deal. After his rough year (0ff the court as well) he should be easy to resign on the cheap. He could play 4 positions, good defense, and is a perimeter threat. If he could come close to 2007 productivity, he'll be very useful.
  5. Resign Watson. He's a cheap 3rd or 4th PG that has a really strong mid-range game. If Baron goes down, the ship won't sink with Crittenton, Ellis, and Watson taking turns at the Point until he comes back.
  6. Sign Gerald Green for additional depth at the wing position. This guy has so much raw talent that is ideal for Nelliball. Hopefully, being traded/cut by 3 different teams in his short career has sent him a message, that he needs to get his head together and pour everything he has into making himself the best player he can be.

PG: Davis / Crittenton / Watson
SG: Ellis / Azubuike / Belinelli
SF: Jackson / Green / Barnes
PF: Wright / Harrington / Calathes
C: Beidrins / Milicic

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