Wednesday, August 13, 2008


How many wins will the Warriors get next season?

30 or less : 1 (1%)
31-36 : 12 (17%)
37-42 : 18 (25%)
43-48 : 22 (31%)
49 or more : 17 (24%)


Anonymous said...

24% think we'll win 49 games or more??? I'd love for that to happen, but let's be realistic. There must be a lot of 8-12 year olds voting here.

Last years we pulled out a ton of 10+ point comebacks, we're going to have to do that without a true point guard and without Baron's steals. Now maybe we don't put ourselves in those situations in the first place, but this is a young team. That comeback mentality will all be on Jack's shoulders.

Plus there are some seriously improved teams in the East, Portland on the rise, and even some of dregs like Minny are going to be much tougher. A 50 win team is big deal. Don't expect a 48-win team being only a 9th seed next year.

Mullin's Mind said...

I was surprised by that as well. There are plenty of rabid Warrior fans out there with high expectations no matter what the team looks like, but 49 wins seems way out of reach. So many things have to break the right way for the Warriors to even get a chance to sneak into the playoffs.