Tuesday, November 4, 2008


About 24 hours ago, I was feeling as if the Warriors had a chance at competing for a playoff spot. But I have to keep telling myself, "It's only 1 game." They looked very promising the first 3 games. Two close loses to contenders and a convicing win in New Jersey had me optomistic once again about the Warriors chances. I knew the heavy minutes for the 'old guys' would catch up with them sooner or later...but not this soon. They were absolutely horrible last night vs. the very average Memphis Grizzlies that played 3 rookies significant minutes.

I'm waiting to see if Nellie cuts the vet's minutes and plays the young guys more before totally abandoning all hope for the season (which it sounds like a lot of people have already done). If Nellie shows that he realizes his rotation patterns are detrimental to wins and development in the long run, then there is reason to stay excited about this season. Otherwise, I'll be over in the corner with the 'tank squad' hoping for a Top 5 pick. Right now, Nellie is showing us that he hasn't learned from last year's mistakes.

1. Ricky Rubio
2. Blake Griffin
3. Demar DeRozan
4. James Harden

? Jrue Holiday - could be the best PG in the NCAA
? Brandon Jennings - can he live up to the hype?
? B.J. Mullins - for trade
? Tyreke Evans - see how he does at Memphis
? Earl Clark - prototypical Nellie Baller

I want to see the young guys develop and be part of the playoff push - not watching from the bench as our 'Big 3' chuck at a sub 40% clip. If Nellie stays the course (less than 15+ min. for Wright, Belinelli, and Randolph) and we don't end up with a top 6 pick, then no more season tickets for this life long fan. With Rowell making basketball decisions, Nellie refusing to play his only true PG or developing the future, Mullin getting treated so badly, the economy...the only thing that might win me back as a season ticket holder is one of the guys listed above. If we draft Ricky Rubio, there is no doubt I'm in. I'll have to wait and see how good the other guys are before making a decision. We need hope...and no, it's not coming in the form of a cap killing Stephen Jackson extension.

Ricky Rubio - Born to Be Wild
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