Thursday, November 6, 2008


The Future is NOW (at least until Nellie says it's not).

MVW: Brandan Wright

The Good
Brandan Wright: 32 min, 7-9 fg, 13 reb, 6 off, 3 blk, 18 pts
Andris Biedrins: 32 min, 6-14 fg, 11reb, 5 blk, 12 pts
Stephen Jackson: 44 min, 12-13 ft, 7 ast, 29 pts
C.J. Watson: 42 min, 7-16 fg, 5 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl, 14 pts
Kelenna Azubuike: 44 min, 8-17 fg, 8 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk, 22 pts

The Bad
Al Harrington: 16 min, 1-4 fg, 1 reb, 4 pf, 3 pts

The Ugly
Al Harrington: -14 +/-

Best and Worst +/-
Brandan Wright: +24
Kelenna Azubuike: +21
C.J. Watson: +20
Al Harrington: -14

Team Statistics
Warriors : Nuggets
pts - 111 : 101
fg - 42-90 (.467) : 39-88 (.443)
ft - 25-36 (.694) : 21-25 (.840)
3p - 2-16 (.125) : 2-15 (.133)
reb - 46 : 48
oreb - 17 : 14
ast - 21 : 25
to - 10 : 20
stl - 8 : 10
bs - 11 : 6
fast break pts - 9 : 27
pts in paint - 52 : 54

Box Score

  1. Maggette out with sore hamstring; inactive: Marcus Williams, Richard Hendrix, Monta Ellis
  2. Nuggets running wild most of the 1st quarter (up by 18) and Warriors had no answer.
  3. Brandan Wright sparks the defensive intensity bringing them within 7 by the end of the 1st
  4. Jackson scoring and dishing out the dimes; hit 12-13 free throws; careless passing at times but Warriors win the turnover battle 10 to 20
  5. love Azubuike's effort on the boards at the 9:49 mark of the 2nd Q; snatching rebound away from much taller and athletic Chris Anderson; played inspirational
  6. Azubuike with the awesome block on Dahntay Jones slam attempt! Highlight of the evening! Azubuike has excellent timing and quick reactions
  7. Biedrins was in early foul trouble; playing sub par, but recovers nicely after returning from the bench
  8. Watson/Jackson/Azubuike/Wright/Turiaf = great combination of chemistry, defensive intensity and offensive energy
  9. Kenyon Martin looks reborn; great hops and hustle
  10. Nellie sits Harrington and Biedrins down to start the 2nd half; rally lineup stuggles early; both teams play sloppy - no true PG
  11. nothing falling for Biedrins today; hands not working at times
  12. Belinelli in for Jackson; Watson/Belinelli/Azubuike/Harrington/Biedrins
  13. Belinelli misses first shot - wide open 3; knocks down 2nd shot = long 2 from top of key; love it when Belinelli is in! He adds another dimension to the Warriors when they are struggling to knock down shots from outside
  14. good defense w/ Beli moving his feet resulting in a turnover; too bad he only played 4 min.
  15. Biedrins developing a post up spin move = go-to move of the night
  16. Harrington playing like garbage - could lose starting job
  17. Brandan Wright comes in to replace Harrington; gets a bucket and rebound, contests shots with his length; keeps loose balls alive; very disruptive on defense
  18. who needs Mags when you've got Buke?
  19. Biedrins with a running dunk over Nene
  20. Wright with a game clinching block on Martin's jumper
  21. Wright should become the starter; sorry Al - hope you get your wish to be traded soon
  22. Biedrins = top 5 center; 5 blocks!
  23. Carmelo said he was going for 44 points tonight in honor of Obama's win, but Wright and Jackson made sure it didn't happen; he finishes with 28
  24. when Nellie plays two bigs, the Warriors seem to get higher percentage shots and more opportunties; making Harrington the 6th man would be a great move, trading him for an expiring deal or packaged with Marcus Williams to land a quick true PG would be even better
  25. C.J. to take over starting PG role? Nelson got only 6 min

Andris Biedrins posterizes Nene
From: espnman1

Kelenna Azubuike blocks D. Jones
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Denver Nuggets @ Golden State Warriors 11/5/08
From: aznpowerdaniel

my player by player break down from last night - WarriorsWorld poster king "gswfan4ever"

Next Game
Friday Nov 7, 2008 Memphis, 7:30 pm
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the bench played a big part in that game and it was nice to see B Wright get the playing time he deserves. with Harrington out of the picture...i think the team will be more productive. it was looking real ugly with Jackson, Maggette, and Harrington out on the floor at the SAME TIME trying to score big and not passing the ball around. Im really curious to see how the Warriors will play once Ellis comes back.

Speaking of Ellis, what do you think about the Ellis vs Rowell situation? What do you think will happen? Will Ellis request to be traded?

Mullin's Mind said...

Just think how much better this team would be with a true PG out there. Jackson is trying his best, but an in-shape Marcus Williams could be a huge help in keeping the ball moving AND allowing Jax to cut down on his minutes. Nelson has recently praised Williams for his improvement in practice, so there is a chance we will see him out there soon.

I'd throw out a lineup of Williams, Azubuike, Randolph, Wright, and Biedins and see how that goes. The players surrounding Williams are all good defensively and very athletic - two key complimentary attributes that should minimize the risk of playing Williams.

When Ellis comes back, Jackson will be able to finally rest some. I see Ellis' presense a marked improvement over any PG play we've been subjected to, including Jackson's. If Nellie continues to give Wright, Belinelli, and even Randolph some PT, then this team has a chance to make some noise down the stretch.

As for Ellis and Rowell, I would hope that Ellis' camp does not take it personally and sees that the 'double' punishment is a necessary evil that needs to be dealt in order to protect the franchise from harm caused by his reckless and potentially career threatening actions. Hopefully, Jackson, Nelson, the staff, and other players keep in close contact with Ellis to make sure he does not feel so alientated from the franchise. Mid December will be here before we know it, so hopefully, he'll be a good soldier and work hard to get back to where he can help the team win.

A possible compromise in punishment is if Ellis is deemed to be just as healthy, athletic, and talented before the injury, he gets $1M taken off the original suspension totalling close to $3M.

The important thing here is to make sure there are no riffs between the Warriors and Ellis. It's in the best interest of both parties.

Thanks for the comment!