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Warriors still buzzing about Morrow
Marcus Thompson II

... Still, despite the Warriors having the day off, he found himself in the gym Sunday, getting up shots and working on his game.

"Nothing like this will change me," Morrow said in the midst of the postgame hysteria he caused Saturday. "The grind never stops."

His record performance — most points by an undrafted player in his rookie season and most points by a rookie this season — may have changed the Warriors for the better. It certainly gave the team a much-needed shot of energy and hope, which came in a timely fashion after Thursday's heartbreaking loss to Detroit. It gave the Warriors another commodity to add to their portfolio of young talent to build on or barter.

... "Him and Belinelli are two different type of players," Jackson said. "Marco is a guy he has to come in the game and get a rhythm first. Morrow is a flat-out scorer. I think Coach sees something different from him and he's a guy we're definitely going to put a lot of plays in the offense for."

... Assistant coaches have said that Morrow is more of a pure shooter than Belinelli, who is at his best off the dribble. But Morrow has shown that he can spot, catch-and-shoot on the move and create his own shot out of the post and off the dribble.

What's more, Morrow — at 6-foot-5, 210 pounds — has the size and athleticism to rebound, which he showed Saturday by grabbing 11 boards.

Anthony Morrow: How to Be a Rookie Success
U.S. News & World Report

... Every workplace rookie wonders how to start a new job right, and the pressure to perform has intensified in recent months, as a wider swath of companies cut their payrolls and every worker questions his or her dispensability.

This weekend, all rookies found their hero in Anthony Morrow, the Golden State Warriors player who scored 37 points in his first NBA start

Rookie carries Warriors over Clips
Morrow has 37 points in his first NBA start

Janny Hu

... Making his first NBA start, all Morrow did was make history. He scored the most points ever by an undrafted rookie in his first season and the most by a rookie this year.

... "Oh my god, who was that guy? He just came out of nowhere," said Davis, who finished with 25 points and 11 assists against his former team. "He got hot. He got hot. He got hot."

... "You always feel it, it's just all about staying poised," he said. "You can't start getting too anxious, like, 'OK, I've got to make the next shot since I made the last one. It's just like keep playing. It's a game of errors, really. You're going to make some mistakes. It's all about staying poised and going out there and doing what you do."

How Morrow could change the Warriors, assuming that wasn’t a fluke 37 points
Tim Kawakami

... The floor gets spread when there’s a shooter on the floor. Harrington gets ripped and ripped, but Nellie kept playing him, despite their differences, because Harrington spread the floor and even better, spread it by pulling out a big man from the paint.

The next time we see Morrow as a huge part of the rotation could be at Washington. That is, unless he just shoots himself into significant play, and that is possible.

Morrow, in one game, has changed a lot of things for now. It’s up to him if he wants to do it permanently.

Undrafted GSW Rookie Anthony Morrow Scores 37 In First NBA Start
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