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POSTGAME: BULLS - 11/21/08

Randolph was a big momentum shifter but only played 13 min.

MVW: Anthony Randolph

The Good
Anthony Randolph: 13 min, 4-7 fg, 2-2 ft, 5 off, 9 reb, 1 stl, 4 blk, 10 pts
Andris Biedrins: 36 min, 10-16 fg, 10 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, 23 pts
Stephen Jackson: 45 min, 13-20 fg, 2-3 3pt, 4-5 ft, 6 ast, 32 pts
Corey Maggette: 39 min, 7-11 fg, 1-2 3pt, 9-11 ft, 7 reb, 2 stl, 24 pts

The Bad
Anthony Morrow: 34 min, 2-9 fg
C.J. Watson: 35 min, 2-10 fg, 0-3 3pt

The Ugly
Stephen Jackson: 45 min, 8 to, 2 reb, 0 stl, 0 blk

Best and Worst +/-
Marco Belinelli: +8
Stephen Jackson: -11

Team Statistics
Warriors : Bulls
pts - 110 : 115
fg - 43-87 (.494) : 45-88 (.511)
ft - 20-27 (.741) : 15-16 (.938)
3p - 4-14 (.286) : 10-23 (.435)
reb - 39 : 39
oreb - 12 : 12
ast - 22 : 23
to - 15 : 17
stl - 10 : 11
bs - 8 : 6
fast break pts - 28 : 17
pts in paint - 60 : 34

Box Score
Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

Biedrins turns in another solid performance


  1. starters: Watson/Morrow/Jackson/Maggette/Biedrins
  2. watching warmups, Morrow hit 16 jumpers in a row, the one that didn't go in was deflected by another ball; most shots were all net
  3. Maggette kept the Warriors in the game early; Jackson came on later in the 1st Q
  4. Morrow had an off-shooting night; got some good looks that rimmed out, but made a difficult baseline fadeaway jumper; tonight just wasn't his night but Nelson did not recognize it and played him way too many minutes and others not enough (Randolph, Wright, Belinelli)
  5. Marcus Williams continues to stink it up on the court; needs to look for others because he's a terrible finisher that doesn't have the hops to avoid interior defenses; heard an earful from Nellie when he couldn't secure a point-blank rebound that directly resulted into a Bulls score; never came back into the game; Lindsey Hunter had an easy time driving against him; his intensity level is not there and he seems to be pressing his offense because he knows he's going to get yanked after a few minutes of play
  6. Belinelli seemed to be playing well in limited minutes. Missed an early jumper, but got a layup and later a jumper; made some other good plays with his passing, adequate defense, and hustle. Loved that Nellie put Morrow and Belinelli on the floor at the same time - if only the Warriors had a true PG that could penetrate and kick
  7. Jackson had a tremendous shooting night by his standards but cost the Warriors the game with his sloppy ball handling and questionable decision making, +/- stat of -11 says it all; I welcome Crawford, to ease up pressure on Jax
  8. Randolph enters game after Nellie praised him for his excellent practice the day before; does not disappoint on the defensive end and on the boards; was a true difference maker out there and was the main catalyst that kept the Warriors in it to win it; he covers plenty of ground in a short time both offensively and defensively; shot blocking was incredible; ball handling and his ability to lead the fast break is amazing for a player his size; he'll be an awesome weapon someday; I don't understand why Nellie waited so long to bring him back late in the 4th Q when the Bulls started making a run and took the lead; Rose, Gordon, and Hughes were scoring at will from the outside - but when Randolph was in, they were noticably flustered and less effective; hope Nellie sees this in post game review and utilizes Randolph more; hopefully his missed dunk does not cost him future minutes
  9. let's see Biedrins/Wright/Randolph/Morrow/Jackson in extended minutes; if Morrow is struggling, sub in Belinelli or Watson (Azubuike when healthy); Crawford would start in place of Morrow when he arrives; nice depth courtesy of Mullin's dealings - might have saved his job with the rise of Morrow and this latest trade
  10. Jackson played way too many minutes again (45 min); Crawford will give him a blow and Nellie should play Watson/Belinelli/Maggette/Randolph/Biedrins to help him get more rest
  11. fun game even though they lost; loved the use of the young guys; excited about our future; place was packed last night and the energy is returning to the Oracle; they sure could have used a win before heading off in to a very tough stretch that lasts through the year
  12. Kudos to Mullin for putting togther such a deep team lined with impressive young prospects: Morrow, Randoph, Wright; D-League finds: Watson, Azubuike; Tradeable assets: Belinelli, Williams (expiring), Turiaf; established stars: Ellis, Biedrins, Jackson, Maggette, Crawford - hopefully, Mulllin is back and continues to work closely with Nelson to improve the Warriors even more
Corey Maggette had a very efficient night


Don Nelson
On Tonight's Game:
“No complaints about the game. I thought we played hard, we’re so thin anyway I thought the (Kelenna) Azubuike injury really made us so much thinner there that I had a problem that didn’t go away. But I thought (Anthony) Randolph stepped in and showed why we drafted him. What an incredible talent, he’s just going to be really good someday so maybe it’s time to start playing him a little bit. He fits in nicely, actually, with our small lineup. He can do some things and also block shots and rebound so there’s probably more opportunity to play now that we’re going smaller than we were before.”
On the Bulls & Derrick Rose:
“I thought the Bulls did a good job of matching up with us at the beginning of the game. We did a marvelous job in the first half with (Derrick) Rose and he figured it out in the second half and showed why he’s the number one pick in the draft. We’re big Rose fans here, love to watch him play, love to watch him as he gets better in games and…Wow, what a show he put on in the second half. He’s an incredibly talented point guard. He’s right up there with the best of them, in a short period of time.”

Stephen Jackson
On Acquiring Jamal Crawford:
“The good thing about him is he’s a veteran, he’s been around for a while. He’s a great scorer and in our system it will be good for him. It will be good to see what he can do and it will be good for me to get back to my natural position because he can play the point and handle the ball.”

Corey Maggette
On Acquiring Jamal Crawford:
“It will be good, I think he will do great things for this team. Of course, we’re really going to miss Al, he was a good friend of everyone on this team. So hopefully Jamal can come in and help this team. It will take a lot of pressure off Jack as well as me, Jamal will definitely take a lot of pressure off us and provide his veteran leadership as well.”

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Chi Bulls Vs Golden Warriors
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