Friday, December 12, 2008


After two very good showings, and above average production throughout the year despite sporadic minutes, Nellie may finally be ready to unleash Marco Belinelli. It's been well known that Belinelli was disgruntled about his lack of playing time and it was even rumored that he asked to be traded. But the team's recent struggles and lack of ball movement has given Belinelli new life...for now. His passing, perimeter shooting, vastly improved ability to finish at the rim, and his adequate defense make him a player that deserves to be a part of Nelson's rotation long term. He gives the Warrior an entirely different type of player that is talented enough to run the team because of his understanding of the game, ball handling, his unselfishness, and his skill-set.

If Belinelli can consistently play like he had recently, Nelson will have little choice but to give him an expanded role and more minutes on a nightly basis.

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