Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This seems all too familiar. The Warriors don't know how to tank even with the fanbase's acknowledgment that a losing record is acceptable in light of the Monta Moped incident and all the other injuries. Jackson continues to log 45+ min per night, Monta was brought back early for ticket sales, Nellie continues to play politics and mind games throughout the year, and the early season transactions limit future roster flexibility in an economic climate that would allow fiscally responsible teams to reap the rewards of future salary dumps.

All signs point to continuing on the same path of mediocrity.

It'll be a tough decision to renew season tickets, but if Jackson and the vets take turns getting shut down and the young guns are allowed to finish off the season in order to gain experience/chemistry/evaluation, then many have reason to reconsider despite the floundering economy. I have high hopes for Randolph and Wright and the Warriors need to find out if they are truly the answers to their frontcourt woes. Belinelli is looking promising and they need to find out how he and Ellis play together. Morrow and Watson are more than scrubs. Azubuike and Turiaf are great signings. Fans and GM's around the league already know who Jackson, Crawford, and Maggette are - let's see who else has value.

There is a lot to be positive about, but unfortunately, at the moment, the veterans, Nellie's pursuit of the 'Wins' record, and management's thinking that meaningless wins will bring back season ticket holders are the things that are standing in the way of a more productive use of a lost season. Do the Warriors have enough to make it deep into the playoffs in the coming years? If so, stand pat and rely primarily on internal development. If not, use your depth and youth to land a guy that will put you over the top. We won't know which is true unless the question marks are given significant time to show what they can really do in real game situations. Whichever way it turns out to be, the higher the draft pick the Warriors end up with, the better. Playing the veterans 40+ min. per night without playing the young players is counter-productive. Hopefully, the Warriors realize this soon.

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