Sunday, February 15, 2009


The Golden State Warriors seem to have decided that it is in their best interest to win as many games as possible despite the near impossibility of a playoff berth (if they miraculously make it in, they'll get their asses handed to them in 4). Monta Ellis was brought in earlier than expected - clearly not even close to 100%. Jackson is averaging nearly 46 min. per game in the month of February, on pace for a late season collapse just like last year. Morrow is getting DNP-CD's. Randolph is getting more time, but not enough considering he's one of the teams best rebounders, hustles, and is a key component to the future. Tank is not an option and keeping the casual fan's interest seems to be their mission to close out the season.

Sure wins are fun. No argument there. But will you remember these games next season. Will it even matter. Wouldn't it be better for the franchise to land one of the few impact players in the shallow pool of talent in the 2009 NBA Draft? Wouldn't it be better to get the highest pick possible just for the simple fact that owning a high pick make it more valuable and could be used to facilitate a deal?

Wouldn't you rather have Griffin (Boozer), Rubio (Nash), Harden (Roy), Thabeet (Mutombo), #5, #6, or #7 pick (w/ a legit chance to move up to the top 3) as part of your assets to keep or trade? I know I would.

Arizona State G James Harden Highlights vs Oregon (2.5.09)

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