Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For the 3rd year in a row, the Warriors don't have a single representative for the big weekend festivities. Watson, Wright, Belinelli, Randolph, and Morrow were understandably left out of the Rookie/Sophomore Game. Biedrins was understandably passed over by Shaq as backup center. But the Warriors best and most logical choice for representing the Warriors was Anthony Morrow for the 3-point shooting contest.

Instead of choosing the most accurate shooter from 3-point range, the NBA decided to field the group based on quantity instead of quality. The 5 competing in the contest include Reshard Lewis, Danny Granger, Mike Bibby, Daequan Cook, Jason Kapono, and Roger Mason. I've watched Morrow in pre-game and half-time shoot-arounds and he is a joy to watch. Swish after swish from 3-point land - effortless release with perfect form. His shot is a thing of beauty. If Morrow were to compete in the 3-point shooting contest, he would be the favorite to win.

It's too bad the NBA doesn't make it a point to have at least one representative from each team involved in some way in All-Star weekend. Three years of no representation (Monta Ellis' Sophomore game appearance was the last) should warrant some extra incentive to push a deserving player such as Morrow over the top and into the spotlight so that the Bay Area and Warrior fans all over the world have a reason to watch. I feel like Warrior fans were robbed just as Morrow has been robbed. I'm boycotting this year's All-Star Weekend and hope many others do the same to send a message to Stern and the NBA....this event is for ALL the leave hundreds of thousands of fans outside looking in is a shame.

Anthony Morrow - Rookie From Downtown MIX by MISIEK

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