Saturday, February 7, 2009


An opportunity has openned up for Anthony Randolph with the ankle injury sustained by Andris Biedrins. If reports are true from Geoff Leppers entry on, "WE WANT RANDOLPH" chants at the Oracle are the only way fans will be able to see him get decent minutes for real-game experience and evaluation. Nelson is determined to show Randolph and everyone in the organization who is boss. If he's going to give the extra big man minutes to Kurz and Davidson, two scrubs who have no future with the Warriors, then he's abusing his authority. If Nellie has no problem with playing Harrington at center, there's no reason this 'innovator' could throw in Randolph and surround him with the best offensive threats on the roster. Ellis / Crawford / Jackson / Azubuike / Randolph : all 4 playing alongside Randolph can hide some of the mistakes that Randolph may make as a center. Randolph is a far superior option defensively and on the boards than either Kurz or Davidson. Offensively, he's more potent than Davidson. He's also the best big that can insure the Warriors play at a fast pace with his superior ball handling and passing for a big. Randolph needs to get experience and the injury to Biedrins should open up additional time for the rookie.

Nelson played the same games with Wright and Belinelli last year and it only resulted in pissing off the young players, jolting their confidence, and having a tired group of overworked vets at the tail end of the playoff run. Someone needs to put Nellie in check. If he's not going to give Randolph time in a season with no shot at the Playoffs, then the fans have to take matters into their own hands and demand the petty political posturing ends. "WE WANT RANDOLPH!!!" Fans pay good money to see good basketball and improvement of the core. Randolph brings energy and excitement and is a big part of the core. If Nellie continues to try and break Randolph's spirit with his lame excuses of him not being ready, it will be the Chris Webber situation all over again.

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