Monday, March 2, 2009


If Randolph can improve on his consistency from the perimeter and become a legitimate small forward, a frontline of Randolph, Wright, and Biedrins (with Turiaf rotating in to take care of the bulky PF/C's) would be incredible. It will be among the thinnest starting frontlines, BUT it will also be among the fastest, longest, and skilled.

They would be among the best rebounding and shot blocking fronts in the league. I envision Wright becoming a more versatile scorer than Biedrins and Randolph to be a star in a few years. All they need is a true PG and proto SG that can defend the perimeter, play unselfishly, and knock down the 3 ball.

What we have:

Ellis - ?

Jackson / Belinelli - defends, perimeter game, can initiate offense, great 2nd/3rd option

Randolph - rebounds, blocks shots, can score inside and out, long and athletic, star potential

Wright - blocks shots, rebounds, disruptive with length, athletic, can evolve into a very good scorer

Biedrins - rebounds, blocks shots, high conversion rate, great hands, smart, star potential

* PG is the big missing piece, but if a star SG who's a willing passer can be had, the Warriors could go far while settling for Ellis or Belinelli at point.

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