Sunday, June 29, 2008


Notable Expiring Deals:

Tracy McGrady $23,239,561
Jermaine O'Neal $23,016,000
Shaquille O'Neal $20,000,000
Ray Allen $18,776,860
Joe Johnson $14,976,754
Ben Wallace $14,000,000
Larry Hughes $13,655,268
Carlos Boozer $12,323,900
Brad Miller $12,250,000
Richard Hamilton $11,625,000
Zydrunas Ilgauskas $11,541,074
Josh Howard $11,390,000
Marcus Camby $10,900,000
Manu Ginobili $10,728,130
Al Harrington $10,026,875
Mike Miller $9,880,957
Mehmet Okur $9,500,000
Quentin Richardson $8,700,000
Stephen Jackson $7,650,000
Darko Milicic $7,540,000
Hedo Turkoglu $7,354,500
Udonis Haslem $7,100,000
Antonio McDyess $6,813,050
Earl Watson $6,600,000
Luke Ridnour $6,500,000
Anderson Varejao $6,212,960
Brendan Haywood $6,000,000
Kyle Korver $5,263,636
Raja Bell $5,250,000
Rafer Alston $5,250,000
Amir Johnson $3,666,666
Fabricio Oberto $3,500,000
Luis Scola $3,383,333
Damien Wilkins $3,300,000
Rajon Rondo $2,623,326
Chuck Hayes $2,117,500

Notable Player Options for 2010:

Michael Redd
LeBron James
Paul Pierce
Dwyane Wade
David West
Kobe Bryant
Dirk Nowitzki
Richard Jefferson
Chris Bosh
T.J. Ford
Yao Ming
Amare Stoudemire

Mullin needs to play it smart. Don't add more than $10 million in salary that carries past Summer 2010. Warriors need to keep their financial flexibility so they can sign one of the many stars above in 2010 or hold it for 2011.

They have a great core of Ellis, Biedrins, Wright, Randolph, Belinelli, Hendrix, their #1 in 2009, and possibly Azubuike. Add a superstar and they could be instant contenders. Develop the young and keep playing the uptempo style that attracts Free Agents. If they are disciplined with their transactions, the Warriors could end up being a team to be reckoned with.

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