Monday, October 27, 2008


Thought I'd just throw together a power rankings list. With Bynum back, I see the Lakers as the best team in the NBA with the Celtics being a very close 2nd. Hornets will be a force, too, with Chris Paul and a solid starting 5 continuing right where they left off last year. Rockets are stacked and if Artest can stay in control and the stars stay healthy for a change, the Rockets could easily contend for a title.

As for the Warriors, I'm feeling a little more optimistic after reading that Monta is ahead of schedule with his rehab. He may return as early as December 15 which is good news for short term product sales, but probably not good enough for the Playoffs or bad enough for a top 5 pick. Once again, Warriors are likely to find themselves with a late lottery pick. This year we lucked out with Randolph, but next year's draft is supposed to be anemic.

Do your own Power Rankings here:
Rank 'Em: 2008-09 NBA Power Rankings (ESPN)

01. Lakers
02. Celtics
03. Hornets
04. Rockets
05. Cavaliers
06. Jazz
07. 76ers
08. Spurs
09. Pistons
10. Raptors
11. Magic
12. Mavericks
13. Suns
14. Trail Blazers
15. Hawks
16. Nuggets
17. Bulls
18. Heat
19. Clippers
20. Warriors
21. Wizards
22. Kings
23. Nets
24. Bobcats
25. Bucks
26. Knicks
27. Pacers
28. Wolves
29. Thunder
30. Grizzlies

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