Thursday, October 30, 2008

HYPOTHETICAL TRADE: Gallinari, Crawford

New York is in a race with New Jersey to clear out as much cap space as possible for the Summer of 2010 in a bid for the services of LeBron James. There are many other big prizes if LeBron heads to Manhatten to play for Jay Z and the Nets, so even if they don't end up with Option 1, clearing cap space is a smart long term objective. One of their biggest contracts is Jamal Crawford that expires in 2011. Currently, the Knicks have an abundance of PG's and could afford to lose him.

Jamal Crawford
Statistics and Game Log

Danilo Gallinari
Draft Express Scouting Report

New York Knicks

Incoming Players
Marcus Williams
Salary: $1,262,520 Years Remaining: 1
Al Harrington
Salary: $9,226,250 Years Remaining: 1

Outgoing Players: Danilo Gallinari, Jamal Crawford

Golden State Warriors

Incoming Players
Danilo Gallinari
Salary: $2,873,520 Years Remaining: 2
Jamal Crawford
Salary: $8,640,000 Years Remaining: 3

Outgoing Players: Marcus Williams, Al Harrington

  1. Cap space is the key to the trade and Harrington gives them a deal that expires in time for their big free agency shopping spree in 2010. Warriors may have to take on Jared Jeffries large deal if they want Crawford and Gallinari badly enough.
  2. Harrington gives them another scoring option in the front court. He's versatile and servicable.
  3. Knick fans don't have much patience for Gallinari (who was mercilessly booed on draft night) and his early injuries could be enough for the Knicks to trade him. If it allows them to dump salary, then they may be open to it.
  4. Marcus Williams torched the Knicks in Preseason last year, so they may view him more favorably than Don Nelson currently does.
  5. Marcus Williams has a Team Option in 2010.
  6. Marbury could be forced to earn his contract by starting at PG/SG (depending on the matchups) alongside Duhon.
PG: Duhon/Williams/Collins/Roberson
SG: Richardson/Marbury/Robinson
SF: Harrington/Chandler/Jeffries
PF: Lee/Rose
C: Randolph/Curry/James

  1. Crawford is another offensive threat that is more PG than anyone currently on are roster (Nelson not convinced Marcus Williams is the answer).
  2. Belinelli and Gallinari together again.
  3. Playing time freed up for Wright, Randolph, and Hendrix.
  4. Gallinari could turn out to be a tougher version of Dunleavy.
  5. May have to take on Jared Jeffries' contract to get them to trade.
  6. Core = Ellis/Azubuike/Gallinari/Randolph/Wright/Biedrins/Belinelli/Hendrix. Plenty of young talent to develop
PG: Crawford/Watson/Nelson
SG: Ellis/Azubuike/Belinelli
SF: Jackson/Maggette/Gallinari/Morrow
PF: Wright/Randolph/Hendrix
C: Biedrins/Turiaf

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Danilo Gallinari best mix
From: apofteso

Jamal Crawford - 52 points against the Heat
From: sauhadjj3


Anonymous said...

You have to be out of your mind to want Jamal Crawford on the Warriors. Baron Davis was a judicious shooter compared to Jamal Crawford. Crawford is no WAY a PG on any team either.

Plus I don't think the Knicks would part with Galinari for Harrington/Williams.

Mullin's Mind said...

This trade has more to do with getting Galinari than about landing Crawford. Galinari is not a sure thing, but he's supposed to be very skilled and has good leadership skills. Right now he's not doing well, and if the Knicks feel they have a better shot at a Big Time Free Agent like LeBron if they clear out salary for 2010, they just might do this deal.

Crawford's a chucker, but at least he'd be able to beat out who we currently have as PG options.