Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nice floor game, but Jackson was not able to
lead his young squad to a respectable showing

MVW: Stephen Jackson

The Good
Stephen Jackson: 34 min, 2-4 3pt, 4-5 ft, 8 ast, 2 stl, 4 blk, 16 pts
Andris Biedrins: 30 min, 5-7 fg, 9 reb, 2 blk, 15 pts
Brandan Wright: 16 min, 5-6 fg, 5 reb, 1 blk, 10 pts
Kellena Azubuike: 33 min, 6-9 fg, 1-1 3pt, 2-2 ft, 5 reb, 15 pts
Corey Maggette: 30 min, 4-5 ft, 17 pts
Jamal Crawford: 29 min, 7 ast
Anthony Morrow: 15 min, 6 reb
Anthony Randolph: 19 min, 4 reb, 2 blk

The Bad
Andris Biedrins: 30 min, 5 to
Corey Maggette: 30 min, 6-16 fg, 2 reb, 3 ba
Stephen Jackson: 34 min, 5-12 fg, 3 reb, 3 to

The Ugly
Anthony Randolph: 19 min, 1-7 fg, 5 to, 2 pts

Best and Worst +/-
Marco Belinellit: +4
Kelenna Azubuike: -24

Team Statistics
Warriors : Wizards
pts - 100 : 124
fg - 39-85 (.459) : 53-105 (.505)
ft - 16-23 (.696) : 12-17 (.706)
3p - 6-20 (.300) : 6-15 (.400)
reb - 40 : 54
oreb - 13 : 23
ast - 26 : 27
to - 20 : 12
stl - 7 : 12
bs - 10 : 9
fast break pts - 17 : 21
pts in paint - 50 : 60

Box Score
Popcorn Machine's Game Flow

This was about the only time we saw smiles on the Warriors faces tonight


  1. starting lineup: Crawford/Morrow/Jackson/Maggette/Biedrins
  2. Wizards win tip and get alley-oop slam from McGee right off the bat; McGee w/ block and dunk; Biedrins scores an And-1 on him; missed a couple of easy close ones; blocked by Biedrins
  3. Maggette on Jamison
  4. Crawford's 1st shot was a 3 from top that missed
  5. Azubuike subs in for Morrow early; matched up with Dee Brown
  6. Jackson shutting down Butler early
  7. Biedrins with 3 turnovers early; 11 pts off turnovers (6) 3:55 mark of 1st Q
  8. Andray Blatche having a good start
  9. Crawford with no contribution so far w/ 1:32 left in 1st Q; misses 2nd 3pt from top
  10. Warriors 26, Wizards 33 end of 1st Q; Nick Young with buzzer beating, contested 3 from corner
  11. Watson in to start 2nd, with Jackson/Turiaf/Maggette/Azubuike
  12. Jackson shooting poorly but continues to take difficult shots
  13. Randolph in for Maggette, 10:10 of 2nd Q; couple of blocks early; terrific block on Jamison
  14. Watson having a good game early; deflection, score on fastbreak, assist to Turiaf; looking to pass off his drives
  15. Jackson needs to sit; liability on the floor
  16. 4 misses, unable to secure rebound - Jamison ends possession with a jumper
  17. Crawford/Maggette in for Jackson/Watson 5:07 2nd Q
  18. Crawford first pts as Warrior come on driving layup; hits 3pt shot
  19. Blatche and McGee doing well; Wizards own version of twin towers
  20. Wright in for Randolph; scores layup on 2nd possession; scoring well in paint the last few games
  21. horrible 1st half: Warriors 49 Wizards 63; too many turnovers, 2nd chance points, bad defense
  22. Morrow starts 3rd Q, 1 shot all game
  23. McGee draws 4th foul at start of 3rd; Blatche subs in
  24. Crawford starting to hit; 5 ast 7:55 3rd Q; like his passing
  25. a defensive lineup of Wright/Randolph/Biedrins should bring them back
  26. Maggette should stop driving vs. Blatche; too many blocked shots
  27. Randolph in for Maggette - thank you Nellie
  28. Blatche doing it all
  29. Biedrins' hands aren't functioning well; fumbling more passes than usual
  30. Jackson gets a Technical - Wizards lead by 21
  31. offense can't anything going; surprised no Morrow, Wright to help out; give Belinelli a look
  32. no combo able to cut deficit; Wizards play their stars deep into the 4th Q to grow lead
  33. Belinelli enters, makes layup, misses two jumpers, makes assists to Morrow for 3
  34. Morrow limited in action and touches; Warriors should look to get him going early instead of taking difficult shots (Maggette vs. Blatche) or chucking when cold (Jackson)
  35. Warriors 100, Wizards 124
  36. coaching change may have energized the Wizards; stars Butler and Jamison had great games, Blatche was phenomenal; Warriors unable to rebound and Wizards shot well; careless turnovers leading to easy points; Warriors not playing with energy; Wizards get off 105 shots!; worst game of the season; Warriors may have taken one look at their 1-10 record and mailed it in
  37. A young team like the Warriors is going to have bad games like this. All they can do is erase this game from their memory banks and continue to get better as a team; Nelson needs to adjust his starting line-up to include better rebounders; Maggette at PF will not work in the long run
Maggette kept challenging Blatche in the paint and kept getting stuffed

Postgame Quotes

Don Nelson
On Today's Game:
“We played an inspired team tonight. They out-worked us, out-hustled us and out-played us. Washington did everything well and we did nothing well. I’m pretty disappointed with how my team played, especially the young players. They all played pretty poorly given that they have been playing better as of late.”
On His Young Players:
“I expect more energy from them and to compete better than what they gave us tonight. Everyone that got in tonight seemed to make some errors. As a coach I want to play the young players, but it is very hard to play them when they play like that tonight.”
On Guard Jamal Crawford:
“I like Crawford a lot. It will take some time to get used to, but I feel like it will work out extremely well. It’s just a matter of time.”

Stephen Jackson

On Today's Game:
“It was a tough game tonight. The Wizards came out with a lot of energy. Their two main scores played well tonight. We just need to let this game go and be ready to play against Boston tomorrow.”
On Moving On:
“We have to put this game behind us and get ready for tomorrow. We’ve got to realize that we have a young team and being down and dwelling on a loss is not going to help these young guys. It’s not going to help us play better.”

Corey Maggette

On The Wizards:
“We started off trying to play to run but I knew the Wizards were going to come out with a lot of energy and emotion for their new coach. (Antawn) Jamison and (Caron) Butler had tremendous nights as well as (Andray) Blatche.”
On Today's Game:
“We really just didn’t play to our capability tonight. We weren’t good on the defensive end and the Wizards capitalized on a lot of stuff. This is one of those games that you have to forget about.”

Jamal Crawford

On His First Game With The Warriors:
“We’ve got a lot of good talent and some veterans but it’s going to be a process. If we lost by one point or if we lost by 20, it’s still a loss and we’re going to have to bounce back tomorrow.”
On His Role With The Team:
“I definitely see where I’m going to fit in. Out here you can’t be passive. You have to be aggressive and it opens things up for your teammates.”

Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Wizards

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