Sunday, November 23, 2008


By commiting the maximum amount allowed for an extension of Jackson's contract beyond 2010, the Warriors took themselves out of the bidding for any of the great free agents in what promises to the best collection of talent available in one summer. A windfall of cap-space evaporated in a course of months, starting with the signing of Corey Maggette and ending with the acquisition of Jamal Crawford.

I proposed a deal for Crawford, but it also included rookie prospect Danilo Gallinari, who is injured and possibly out for the entire year with back problems. I would not have done this deal if we did not commit to Jackson, but since there is no chance to be players in the 2010 offseason, this move is a move I can live with.

Crawford gives the Warriors yet another offensive weapon that opposing teams have to worry about. His long-range shooting and ability to share point guard duties makes him a very good compliment to Monta Ellis.

Here are the updated financials:

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As you can see, the Warriors are unable to get far enough under the cap to land any major free agent until the Summer of 2013 unless they trade Maggette, Crawford, and/or Jackson for expiring deals - not an impossible feat, but not easy to do given the size and duration of some of the contracts. Let's hope Nellie can work with this roster and that he is open to developing ALL of his players, including Wright and Randolph - two big pieces that could turn the Warriors fortunes around in a hurry.

Jamal Crawford - All alone FULLVERSION!!!
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