Saturday, February 28, 2009


Got us again, Nelllie!

After benching Jamal Crawford to give more minutes to the Young Talent, which many assumed would be the guards with bright futures as part of the Warriors core, Nelson gives virtually all the extra minutes to C.J. Watson. Fans like me were hoping to see Marco Belinelli, Anthony Morrow, and Anthony Randolph (more PF minutes with Jackson, Azubuike, and Maggette sliding over to the wing positions) get extended minutes as a result the short handed guard situation created by Don Nelson. Instead, the fans were treated to another display of 'gotta get mine' basketball whenever Belinelli was not in charge of the offense. Jackson made a few good plays, but down the stretch, reverted to his forced shots, carelessness, and chucking instincts. Watson missed several opportunities to demonstrate that he could run a team sufficiently and warrant resigning after this season. He repeated failed to find the open man, opting instead to drive to the hoop himself for the difficult score.

Nelson was perhaps ordered by management to start playing the young guys and to set aside the mentality of winning at all cost by overplaying the veterans. So as an act of rebellion, he plays the wrong young guys as a jab at the front office, media, and fans to show who remains in control.

I believe in Nelson's uptempo style, but perhaps it's time to find someone else that can replicate it without all the drama and head games. Warriors play the Jazz without Jackson on Sunday. Let's see if he continues with the nonsense.

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