Sunday, February 22, 2009


Draft Express recently came out with a great article on Ricky Rubio. They note that there are negotiations happening that may make Rubio's chances of entering the NBA Draft this year a reality. After a slow recovery from wrist surgery, he's showing people once again, why he is a legitimate TOP 3 Prospect in the draft. In my opinion, I would take him #1 overall ahead of Griffin and Harden (both very good consolation prizes).

This 18 year old kid specializes in the type of scramble defense the Warriors thrive on. He is PERFECT for this team - a team in desperate need of an intelligent, pass first, true PG. If there are still questions on whether Ellis can return to 100%, I'd trade Ellis + Wright + 2009 Pick to move up to get Rubio. But, obviously it would be less costly to just tank the hell out of the rest of the season and hope to get lucky in the lottery. If not, then the 6-8 pick could be used to move up to the top 3.

PG: Rubio
SG: Belinelli
SF: Jackson
PF: Randolph
C: Biedrins
B: Maggette
B: Turiaf
B: Azubuike
B: Morrow

The thought of such an unselfish backcourt of Rubio and Belinelli makes me giddy. Both play outstanding defense, both are ultra-creative passers, one is an elite PG, the other is a lights out long range bomber. Perfect complimentary pieces to a team filled with scorers and bigs with good hands.

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio Highlights from Joventut/Estudiantes Match

16 Points
7 Assists
6 Steals
1 Turnover

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