Monday, July 21, 2008


Warriors are rumored to be going hard after Louis Williams. If they do, they will most likely have to let Azubuike walk to the Clippers. What if their attempts to land Williams fail? Who are next in line? The Warriors' team needs include a backup PG, a perimeter defender, a sharp shooting/skilled big man, and a combo-guard with good PG instincts. There are a few free agents left but the search can also be expanded to include players off of teams that may be looking to shed salary or balance out the roster because of depth issues.

Here are some candidates that may be good targets:

Point Guards:
  1. Mo Williams
  2. Kyle Lowry
  3. Raymond Felton
  4. Shaun Livington (UFA)
Shooting Guards:
  1. J.R. Smith (RFA)
  2. Ben Gordon (RFA)
  3. Jamal Crawford
  4. Leandro Barbosa
  5. Delonte West (RFA)
Small Forwards:
  1. Josh Childress (RFA)
  2. Travis Outlaw
  3. Ryan Gomes (RFA)
  4. Dorell Wright (RFA)
  5. Walter Herrmann (RFA)
  6. Wilson Chandler
Power Forwards:
  1. Josh Smith (RFA)
  2. Amir Johnson
  3. Emeka Okafor (RFA)
  4. Lamar Odom
  5. Charlie Villanueva
  6. Channing Frye
  7. Andrea Bargnani
  1. Andray Blatche
  2. Nenad Krstic (RFA)
  3. Mohammed Sene
  4. Darko Milicic

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