Thursday, July 24, 2008


With Monta Ellis signed to a 6 years / $66 million deal, the Warriors have one more major piece to lock up - Andris Biedrins. Earlier in the day, Mullin made two other commitments to players by matching Kelenna Azubuike's offer sheet and signing rookie Richard Hendrix.

Assuming Biedrins gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 years / $55 million deal, the projected financial situation would look approximately like this:

(click to enlarge graphic)

The Summer of 2010 could have been a big offseason to make the team significantly better had the Warriors refrained from overpaying Maggette. His deal is widely considered generous by many in the NBA, so moving his deal as the salary grows and grows will be difficult. The best hope for moving him in the future would be if a playoff team is desperate to add Maggette as a vital piece to aid in a run for the Finals.

If Biedrins is resigned, the Warriors have a promising young core of players to develop.

PG: Marcus Williams
SG: Monta Ellis
SF: Anthony Randolph
PF: Brandan Wright
C: Andris Biedrins

Ideally, the Warriors want Monta to make a successful transition to PG so that they could bring in a lock-down defender / playmaker at the SG position. Hopefully, the Warriors get lucky in the 2009 draft and get a stud SG like Demar DeRozan, James Hardin, or Tyreke Evans. A stud PG like Ricky Rubio or a beast PF like Blake Griffin wouldn't be bad either.

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