Friday, July 25, 2008


This mix was recently posted on YouTube. I can't wait to see how he works in an uptempo offense like ours. Take a look.

Marcus Williams Mix
From: ballin1skballa

Click here for high quality video.


Anonymous said...

In the whole "highlight" video, I didn't see him get to the rim and throw it down once. Does he have the hops?

Mullin's Mind said...

I didn't know the answer myself, but here's one NJ Nets fan's take on Marcus Williams'game:

Good ball handler with a sick cross but no conditioning/explosion (not sure which) for him to get past his man after beating him. He needs to get a midrange game because he has trouble getting his shot to fall when going all the way to the rim. Can't finish with his right. He's a good shooter whose average suffered some from a wrist injury. He is a good and willing passer (great vision) but he doesn't seem to understand where he needs to be and what he needs to do at the pro level so he can get certain passes off (for instance has some trouble with the big man defender on a pick and roll because he doesn't always press the attack coming off the screen, which gives him less passing angles). A midrange game, floater (which he had shown some glimpses of) and some savvy would make him an excellent offensive PG.

Defensively he is absolutely awful. Marcus is held back by his athleticism/conditioning, but he also doesn't give consistent effort (though effort has improved somewhat). He gets caught easily on screens. Doesn't show great court awareness for team defense.

Marcus Williams' biggest problem is his commitment. He is basically the same player he was two years ago when he was drafted. Still poorly conditioned and still a bad defender. He may have a lot of offensive potential but it is very doubtful that he ever works hard enough to achieve it. Its not just a matter of if the light comes on, but rather it needs to come on and stay on even after he has a little success. I expect him to improve some, but never achieve the levels he could have (could have been a top PG. He will forever be somewhere between bust and solid offensive PG starter).

Golden State should be a perfect place for Marcus since he'd be at his best in a wide-open system where his court-vision may make up for some of his other shortcomings. It also brings him closer to home (LA I believe) and his mother is a good influence in his life.

There's a lot of bad stuff in there, but nothing that can be corrected with more maturity and discipline. His court vision is what I really am looking forward to witnessing first hand. With the addition of Williams, at least we have a guy that could fill some of that role left by the departure of Baron.