Monday, January 26, 2009


Azubuike has one of his best floor games by logging
in 9 reb and 6 ast to go along with his 16 pts

MVW: Kelenna Azubuike

The Good
K. Azubuike: 33 min, 5-9 fg, 1-2 3pt, 5-6 ft, 9 reb, 6 ast, 1 stl, 1 bs, 16 pts
C. Maggette: 23 min, 7-8 fg, 6 reb, 1 stl, 20 pts
A. Biedrins: 26 min, 6-8 fg, 14 reb, 1 stl, 1 bs, 12 pts
A. Morrow: 38 min, 3-8 3pt, 4 ast, 2 stl, 17 pts
C.J. Watson: 22 min, 3-5 fg, 1-2 3pt, 2-2 ft, 3 ast, 3 stl, 9 pts
S. Jackson: 31 min, 7 reb, 6 ast, 1 bs
R. Turiaf: 18 min, 3-5 fg, 2 bs

The Bad
M. Ellis: 22 min, 4-11 fg, 3 to, 2 ba
A. Randolph: 13 min, 0 reb, 1 to, 1 ba, 4 pts

The Ugly
S. Jackson: 31 min, 3-14 fg, 9 pts

Best +/- Statistics
S. Jackson: +22
A. Biedrins: +20
J. Davidson: -8

Team Statistics
Warriors : Clippers
pts - 107 : 92
fg - 41-84 (.488) : 33-87 (.379)
ft - 17-23 (.739) : 18-27 (.667)
3pt - 8-17 (.471) : 8-18 (.444)
reb - 49 : 47
oreb - 11 : 15
ast - 27 : 27
to - 16 : 17
stl - 9 : 7
bs - 7 : 5
fast break points - 27 : 9
points in the paint - 40 : 24

Popcorn Machine's GameFlow

Maggette continues to impress coming off the bench


  1. starting lineups: Ellis /Morrow / Jackson / Azubuike / Biedrins vs. Gordon / Jones / Davis / Thornton / Jordan
  2. LAC have only 8 players dressed
  3. keys to the game - 1) energy 2) effort 3) execution
  4. Biedrins getting involved early vs. rookie Jordan w/ ally-oop
  5. Monta's mid-range not going down yet
  6. Biedrins scores again vs. Jordan
  7. Clippers shooting well early
  8. would have been nice to have had DeAndre Jordan fall to the Warriors in the second round; very high ceiling and great athleticism
  9. Gordan seems to be getting past Ellis at will
  10. Randolph gets into the game early; subs for Morrow who was a non-factor in 4 min. of play
  11. LAC 11, GS 5 : 7:08 1st Q
  12. awesome blow-by for Thornton on Randolph
  13. Ellis with a 3 pointer; has been working diligently on that shot before his injury and during rehab
  14. Ellis doesn't look as explosive
  15. nice give and go on the break between Ellis and Randolph for the slam
  16. fastbreak opportunities noticeably better w/ Ellis back
  17. Azubuike hits corner 3; he's proving to be worthy of his contract
  18. GS 17, LAC 15 : 3:44 1st Q; nice rally after timeout
  19. Warriors on 14-4 run
  20. running everything hard down the court; leading to easy early offense opportunities - just like small ball is supposed to work
  21. Azubuike with 9 in the 1st Q
  22. Maggette drains a half-court shot but a split second after the buzzer sounds
  23. GS 28, LAC 18 end of 1st Q
  24. Jackson playing entire game so far and not having a great game - perfect opportunity to give him rest and get valuable PT for one of the youngsters
  25. Morrow miss first 3pt shot
  26. Maggette continues to up his trade value
  27. Warriors playing scrappy defense and it's fueling the offense
  28. GS 42 LAC 28, 5:54 2nd Q
  29. Maggette truly believes he has never, ever fouled anyone in his entire career
  30. Morrow misses another 3pt shot short
  31. Morrow has quick hands and is an underrated defender
  32. Jackson finally gets on the board with wide open corner 3
  33. Monta gets back in after Watson bricks a shot early in the shot clock (no ball movement) good substitution
  34. Morrow finally hits a perimeter shot
  35. Jordan keeps missing dunks that he tries to throw down just out of arms reach; 3 missed dunks
  36. GS 51 LAC 37, 2:06 2nd Q
  37. Ellis reverses a difficult half ending shot
  38. GS 55 LAC 44 end of 2nd Q
  39. Leaders: Azbuike, Maggette 10 pts, Beidrins 8 reb, Jackson 5 ast, Watson +18
  40. Warriors at the half: 49% fg, 4/10 3pt, 11/14 ft, 23 bench, 12 ast, 13 fast break pts
  41. Ellis finally hits his trademark 15 footer at the top of the key
  42. Morrow hits corner 3 (1st of game)
  43. Jordan impressive on the boards
  44. Biedrins defending drives well tonight
  45. GS 68 LAC 51, 5:48, 3rd Q
  46. Jackson drains contested 3 on transition block by Azbuike
  47. Azubuike is sharing the ball a lot more compared to earlier in the year; great wrap-around assist to Biedrins
  48. Maggette continues play to lights out off the bench
  49. GS 80 LAC 62, 1:58 3rd Q
  50. GS 84 LAC 64 end of 3rd Q
  51. Turiaf with a furocious block on Thronton's attempted hammer slam
  52. Morrow with another 3, assist by Azubuike's offensive rebound
  53. beautiful ally-oop from Watson to Azubuike
  54. Jackson imitates Morrow's funny walk (waddle like a penguin) after Morrow drains his 3rd 3pt shot of the game
  55. GS 93 LAC 68, 8:36 4th Q
  56. Randolph finally checks back into the game; Azubuike out with a great game and contributed to a huge lead for the Warriors
  57. Randolph smiles! after hitting pull up 18 ft jumper
  58. Azubuike subbed back in for Maggette; Buke 1 reb from a double-double, 4 ast from a triple-double
  59. Randolph gets pulled out for Rob Kurz
  60. Jermareo Davidson enters for Turiaf
  61. Morrow aggressive for this garbage time group
  63. didn't realize Cheikh Samb was waived; nice pickup by the Clippers
  64. Williams misses a corner 3
  65. Davidson get his first FG as a Warrior, 10 foot jumper
  66. Samb blocks Randolph's dunk attempt
  67. Novak shooting well
  68. Davidson hits another jumper; that's why Nelson likes him over Hendrix
  69. GS 107, LAC 92 Final

Ellis is back, but still getting into gameshape,
finding his rhythm, and getting his timing back

Postgame Quotes

Don Nelson
On Coming Together On The Homestand:
"Actually, we played better in the games we lost than we played tonight. I don’t know that was possible through all the transition that we’re going through right now, I don’t think we’re going to even answer that question for another couple of weeks, but we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.”

On Corey Maggette:
“Eight shots and 20 points, that’s amazing. I thought he really played well. We didn’t have to overplay anyone tonight so that was good. We don’t have many of these games this year, this was a good one to have.”

Monta Ellis
On Tonight's Game:
“We are doing good. Everybody is getting out and running. My fast break points are getting back up to where it was. Everybody is just out there having fun right now.”

Corey Maggette
On Tonight's Game:
“Coming off the bench, I’m just trying to give this team a lift. That’s my job right now. I’m just glad our team came out with the win. The last couple of games our team has been playing really well and we’ve just come up short in a matter of five seconds. So it’s good to get a win tonight.”

On Coming Off The Bench:
“Like I told Nellie, whatever is going to help this team, and it’s helping. We’ll stick with it and hopefully it works out. I’m just going tocontinue to play extremely hard and help this team.”

On Having Monta Ellis Back:
“It’s great to have him back. He adds a total different dimension to our team, with speed and attacking the basket. It’s good. He’s still just getting better each game. If you didn’t know he was hurt, you wouldn’t even know he was hurt.”

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Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors 1/25/09

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