Wednesday, January 28, 2009


MVW: Stephen Jackson

The Good
S. Jackson: 31 min, 7-14 fg, 2-2 3pt, 9-10 ft, 5 reb, 2 stl, 25 pts
A. Biedrins: 26 min, 11 reb, 1 bs
C. Maggette: 23 min, 7-13 fg, 7-8 ft, 4 reb, 21 pts
K. Azubuike: 27 min, 5-10 fg, 2-3 3pt, 2 ast, 1 stl, 2 bs, 12 pts

The Bad
J. Crawford: 23 min, 1-6 fg, 1 ast, 4 to, 3 pts

The Ugly
M. Ellis: 25 min, 2-11 fg, 2 to, 2 ba, 7 pts

Best +/- Statistics
R. Kurz: +1
A. Biedrins: -23
S. Jackson: -22
C. Maggette: -22

Team Statistics
Warriors : Mavericks
pts - 93 : 117
fg - 34-88 (.386) : 44-89 (.494)
ft - 19-21 (.905) : 21-26 (.808)
3pt - 6-11 (.545) : 8-14 (.571)
reb - 38 : 53
oreb - 8 : 14
ast - 18 : 25
to - 14 : 16
stl - 8 : 6
bs - 5 : 8
fast break points - 11 : 20
points in the paint - 26 : 38

Popcorn Machine's GameFlow

  1. starting lineups: Ellis / Crawford / Jackson / Azubuike / Giedrins vs. Kidd / Wright / Howard / Nowitzki / Dampier
  2. Defend Howard in 1st Quarter 2) Be aware of their transition game 3) outrebound their small lineup
  3. Ellis hits first shot, top of key; wasn't falling for him before; misses next jumper from same distance
  4. Jackson hits his first shot, foot-on-line long 2
  5. Nowitzki 93/97 ft for Jan.
  6. Jackson is shooting well tonight; 2 three pointers in a row!! perfect shooting
  7. Warriors playing extremely well early
  8. GS 16 DAL 10; 7:12 1Q
  9. Crawford hits 3 pt shot
  10. Antoine Wright having career least to start the game
  11. Azubuike getting abused at PF
  12. Monta looks like he's in pain; knee contusion?
  13. GS 19 DAL 24; 3:45 1Q
  14. Jackson ends drought with jumper in the paint, no call on Kidd swipe
  15. Monta in for Crawford; Jackson, Maggette, Morrow, Biedrins
  16. Maggette hits first shot; long 2
  17. Bass guarding Maggette; easy blow by
  18. Maggette hits 3 at the buzzer
  19. GS 29 DAL 31 end of 1Q
  20. Ellis / Morrow / Jackson / Maggette / Turiaf to start 2Q
  21. Jackson continues to shoot lights out despite being face guarded
  22. Bass playing well for Mavs coming off bench
  23. Maggette with tough baseline fade away swish; doing everything
  24. Turiaf gets kneed in the groin; Biedrins subs in
  25. GS 38 DAL 44; 6:14 2Q
  26. Randolph hits turn around jumper at end of shot clock; good awareness
  27. Mavs pulling away with 14 to 2 run
  28. GS 40 DAL 57; 2:56 2Q
  29. Randolph looks like a taller Ellis
  30. Monta can't finish like he's accustomed to
  31. Mavs with 38 point quarter
  32. GS 47 DAL 69 end of 1st half
  33. Biedrins tips in ball after 3 offensive boards (looked like offensive basket interference) apparently, idiot stat crew did not credit Biedrins with any offensive boards
  34. Kidd playing passing lanes well
  35. GS 58 DAL 77; 7:40 3Q
  36. Ellis 2/11 fg
  37. looks like the league officials are keen to Crawford's leg kicks on long jumpers - not getting the call much anymore
  38. Biedrins and Turiaf playing together
  39. GS 62 DAL 85; 4:25 3Q
  40. Biedrins challenging Nowitzki's jumpers
  41. Crawford off tonight; 1st game back from injury
  42. Dallas sweat wipers are very quick
  43. Kurz enters w/ 1:19 left in 3Q; 66 to 85
  44. Turiaf the only player hitting his jumpers in 2nd half
  45. Morrow's lone shot is a half court heave to end the 3rd
  46. GS 70 DAL 92 end of 3Q
  47. Watson/ Morrow / Maggette / Randolph / Turiaf start 4Q
  48. good to see Randolph getting some run; working hard for post position; dunk after Mags draws his man away
  49. Mavs not allowing fastbreak opportunites and early offense - forcing them into half-court game; not good for a team lacking a true PG that could get anywhere on the floor and create for others
  50. GS 79 DAL 103; 8:10 4Q
  51. 1st fastbreak bucket at 6:05 4Q
  52. Loss. Bad one. So much for an improving team. Warriors looked like they were starting to come togther as a team and they get beat soundly by a team fighting for the last playoff spot in the WC
  53. GS 93 DAL 117 Final
  54. No defense. Limited passing. Lots of isolation offense. Got killed on the boards. Poor shooting from the normally potent backcourt.
  55. Warriors remain 6th worst team in the NBA at 14-32

Postgame Quotes

Don Nelson

On Tonight's Game:
“Well, we were not very good tonight. It’s the first time that Jamal [Crawford] has played with that group together. Jamal had been out for three games I think. And it looked they hadn’t played together and one of the worst games we’ve had in about six weeks. So I was disappointed with our play but so be it – they had their way with us and they deserved to win. They were the better team tonight.”

“I just didn’t think that we did a very good job with any part of the game or followed our game plan or anything. We just didn’t look like a very good team tonight. We’ve been playing pretty well, but that’ll happen. And we know with Monta [Ellis] we’re going to take a step back before we go forward, probably quite a few times this year until he gets back and he’s certainly not ready, yet. But, we put him out there and grow with him and go through the growing pains that we know are coming.”

“We didn’t anything going. Everything was a struggle for us tonight. And you can credit their defense if you want, but I would think it’s our lack of movement and execution and a whole bunch of other things.”

Stephen Jackson
On Tonight's Game:
“I think the biggest problem today was effort. We haven’t had a TV game in a long time, and for us to come out and not play up to the level that we should’ve played, the level we’ve been playing at home, is upsetting. I think that’s the biggest thing Coach is upset about. I just wish we would’ve went down fighting. We didn’t match their intensity. We gave them any shot – I think they were shooting like 67% at halftime. We didn’t do anything on defense to get them out of their comfort zone, and they just made all their shots.”

“They got a whole bunch of open looks. We had a lot of defensive errors, and we didn’t step up our game plan. We’ve got to man-up and guard our guys, and we didn’t do that tonight at all.”

Next Game

New Orleans Hornets
January 30 - 6:30 p.m.
New Orleans Arena
Radio: KNBR 1050

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